Battery Powered Cable Cutting Tool 32mm Dia – Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE

Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE

Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE

Insulated Battery Powered

Cable CUtting Tool

Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE | Electrical Safety Tools

Orange Tools with Insulated Protection for Cutting & Crimping Cables 

The Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE is a battery powered cutting tool that has a maximum diameter range for cable lugs and connectors of 32mm – suitable for cutting multi-stranded copper and aluminium cables. The Klauke ES32 has a slim cutting head ideal for work in confined spaces.

The ES 32 is part of the Klauke Orange Tool range insulated and VDE certified to 1000 V for increased safety when working on potentially voltage-carrying electrical equipment or crimping conductors to facilitate the installation of joints and terminations.

The orange housing of the battery powered cable crimping tool makes it easily differentiated from standard crimping tools and the built-in display allows user to view all tool data instantly.

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  • Open head, rotatable
  • Simple and safe: One-button operating concept for controlling all tool functions
  • Effortless working due to balanced centre of gravity
  • LED for work area illumination
  • Simple and safe: Automatic retraction when operation is complete
  • Manual retract stop (MRS) for efficient operations
  • Always ready-to-use thanks to battery charge and service display

suitable for

  • Stranded Cu and Al cables
Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE

Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE


The following table outlines the performance specification of the Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE cutting tool:

Head type Cutter open
Cable cutting range max. 32 mm dia. (depending on cable/wire type) mm
Cable cutting force
15 kN
Cutting time 8 s to 10 s (depending on material thickness)
Battery voltage 18 V
Battery capacity 1.5 Ah, Li-Ion
Charging time 15 min
Weight incl. battery 2.1 kg
Ambient temperature -10°C to +40°C
Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE - Orange Tools

Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE – Orange Tools


Should you require technical assistance to select the correct cable crimping or cable cutting tools please contact us.

Thorne & Derrick are Specialist Distributors of cable tools to enable the preparation of all LV MV HV cables prior to the installation of Joints, Terminations & Connectors – this includes Klauke, Cembre, Alroc and Boddingtons cable jointing tools for removal of cable sheath, screen and insulation on 11/33kV (MV) and 66kV/132kV (HV) power cables.

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