Live Line Testers | Network Rail PADs Approved 25kV a.c. Capacitive Live Line Tester

Published 23 Apr 2021


PR by Chris Dodds Sales & Marketing Manager at Thorne & Derrick | 13.04.2021

Following extensive and successful field trial testing the Pfisterer range of Live Line Testers have now received Full Acceptance by Network Rail with Official PADS Approval – specifically this includes Pfisterer KP-Test 5HL Capacitive Live Line Testers for 25kV AC systems.

The product authorisation by Network Technical Head Power Distribution HV/LV on behalf of the Network Rail Acceptance Panel (NRAP) permits the installation of the Live Line Testers on Network Rail controlled 25kV a.c. infrastructure as a separate device with approved live line poles for:

Pfisterer KP-Test 5HL Capacitive Live Line Testers | With UK specific insulating rod of greater than 600mm length| Pfisterer Part Number  | PADS Catalogue No 0040/090157

Pfisterer KP-Test 5HL Capacitive Live Line Testers | Unit as a separate device without an integrated insulated pole | PADS Catalogue No 0040/090158

Certificate of Acceptance PA05/06351 | Network Rail Certification

Thorne & Derrick are currently supplying this range of live line testers to several UK rail projects – we are Approved Vendors to Network Rail, CP6 Framework Delivery Partners and several HS2 Joint Ventures working on rail transport projects.

➡ For further information on Live Line testers by Pfisterer please refer to this download

Pfisterer KP-Test 5HL Capacitive Live Line Tester

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