LU London Underground Tested Cable Duct Seals – LUL S1085 Standard

Published 29 Oct 2018

LU Cable Duct Seals

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FiloSeal+HD FIRE has now been tested by London Underground for the safe and effective sealing of cables and ducts on the underground rail network – the duct seal system has been rigorously and successfully tested against smoke and toxicity emissions according to LUL S1085 Standard. 

London Underground LUL – S1085

Fire Safety Performance of Materials

Rail Stations & Tunnel Infrastructure

LUL S1085 standard specifies the requirements for materials within all locations as listed in LU Standard S1086 with regard to:

a) Combustibility

b) Smoke Emission

c) Toxic Fume Emission

Note: This standard does not cover the wider aspects of fire engineering and it may be necessary to invoke other London Underground, National or European Standards to cover fully all aspects of fire safety for a particular application. Guidance is available in G085.


The purpose of this standard is to define the requirements for the fire safety performance of materials, installed on the London Underground (LU) Stations and Tunnel Infrastructure.

The business objective of this standard is to ensure that the risk to which the public and employees are exposed is controlled to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.

FiloSeal+HD FIRE is also approved to the following rail industry standards:

  • Railway Applications – Fire Protection On Railway Vehicles BS EN45545
  • French Standard – Fire Test to Railway Components CIt NF F16-101

All these tests look at the following: toxicity values when the product is burning, smoke index value and the amount of oxygen required for combustion.

In a previous Blog we discussed the importance of fire stopping and sealing cable ducts.

LU Duct Seals

London Underground LU Transport For London 1-085. Download Copy.

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