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Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink tubes manufactured by 3M Electrical are a series of open-ended, tubular rubber sleeves, which are factory expanded and assembled onto a removable core.

Cold shrink tubes are supplied for field installation in a pre-stretched condition manufactured from EPDM rubber or silicone tubing.

The core is removed after the Cold Shrink tube has been positioned for installation over an inline connection, terminal lug or cable allowing the tube to shrink and form a waterproof seal – no gas torches or heat required.

Read and watch our Video Blog about Cold Shrink tubings and learn how 3M pioneered the development of this type of technology to provide LV MV HV Cable Accessories to enable the cable repair, splice, joint or termination of power cables with unrivalled field service performance for utility power systems.

3M Cold Shrink tubes provide fast, safe and simple electrical insulation without the dangers and hassles of “hot-working” – no naked flames, no heat shrink gas torches, no ignition tooling, no “hot-work” permit applications.

Water Resistant

Cold Shrink tubes manufactured by 3M Electrical are water-resistant and conform to the water seal requirements of ANSI C119.1.

♦ ANSI C119.1 American National Standard for Electric Connectors - Sealed Insulated Underground Connector Systems Rated 600 Volts


Typical 3M Cold Shrink Tubes applications : 1000V primary insulation and cable protection for direct burial, submersible and overhead installations.

Cold Shrink Tubes – Features

Cold Shrink Tubes

Cold Shrink Tubes

  • Cold shrink provides a constant radial pressure seal
  • No heat required with 3M Cold Shrink – 100% cold applied
  • No specialist cable jointing or heat shrink tools required
  • Quality – long term reliability
  • Moisture resistant for submersible and outdoor applications
  • Suitable as primary insulation on low voltage cables and cable splices up to 1000V AC

Watch Video – How To Install Cold Shrink Tubes

Cold Shrink Tubes

5 Simple Installation Steps – 1) Slide Cold Shrink tube onto cable 2) Install cable connector 3) Remove any defects from the surface of cable around the seal area 4) Hold cold shrink tube and cable in hand 5) Unwind the core of the cold shrink tubing in counter clock-wise direction with other hand.

Cold Shrink EPDM Tubes –  3M 8420 Series

Selection table for 3M Cold Shrink tubes manufactured from EPDM rubber:

3M Cold Shrink Tubes Part NoMin Diameter (mm)Max Diameter (mm)Length (mm)


Cold Shrink EPDM Tubes - 3M 8420 Series

Cold Shrink EPDM Tubes – 3M 8420 Series


Selection table for 3M Cold Shrink tubes manufactured from Silicone rubber:

3M Cold Shrink Tubes Part NoCable Range (mm² ) Application Range (mm) Dimensions (mm)
Min. Dia.* For Seal Max. Dia.** Insulator Covers (A) Length(B) ID
8443-210 – 356.8614.2229.2 – 39.617.3
8443-6.510 – 356.8614.22119 – 14017.3
8445-2.535 – 508.8918.2930.5 – 4821.3
8445-7.535 – 508.8918.29132 – 15221.3
8447-3.250 – 7012.1924.1348.3 – 6427.2
8447-850 – 7012.1924.13147 – 17527.2


Cold Shrink Silicone Tubes - 3M 8440 Series

Cold Shrink Silicone Tubes – 3M 8440 Series

3M Cold Shrink Tubes For Subsea & Underwater Surveys

3M Cold Shrink Tubes are extensively used to provide effective waterproof seals in the subsea cables industry for several key reasons.

Thorne & Derrick International stock a complete range of 3M Cold Shrink Tubes in both EPDM rubber and silicone.

Typical Applications for Cold Shrink

  • Sidescan Sonars
  • Sub-Bottom Profiling
  • Underwater Camera Systems
  • Data Telemetry Systems
  • Electric Survey Winches
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Underwater Trenching Machines
  • Subermersible Marine Pumps
  • ROVs (Seabed To Surface)
  • Subsea Camera & Lighting Cables
  • Subsea Hoses, Umbilicals & Cables

Cold Shrink

Extending Cold Shrink Tubes

To enable the extension and lengthening of Cold Shrink tubes to achieve increased surface protection of cables, pipes or hoses the overlap section of the abutted tubes can be sealed using 3M 2228 Mastic Tape – the Scotch tape should be installed with at least a 2″ overlap of 3 layers and approximately 10mm from the end of the protection tube.

Cold Shrink Tubes


3M Electrical invented Cold Shrink in the 1970’s and since then their technology has been adopted by owners and operators of power cable and distribution systems across the globe – the live memory action of the specially formulated Cold Shrink material ensures a permanent, durable environmental seal and moisture-proof insulation.

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 ➡ Should you require customer service or technical support on the selection or specification of LV MV HV Cable Accessories please contact us – view the full range of 3M Cold Shrink Tubes below.

3M Cold Shrink

3M Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink Terminations 3M

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