Sheath Voltage Limiters | Overvoltage Protection of MV HV Underground Cable Sheaths

Sheath Voltage Limiters

Sheath Voltage Limiters MV HV – Medium & High Voltage Cables & Networks


Sheath Voltage Limiters manufactured by Ensto provide overvoltage protection of Power Transmission & Distribution underground cable sheaths – this includes MV HV Medium & High Voltage Cables according to the rated voltage of the SVL’s (Sheath Voltage Limiters).

  • SVL | Ensto Varisil HC 4kV – 14.4kV Cable Sheaths | Connection to Single Point Bonded Sections
  • SVL | Ensto RNL HC 0.6kV – 4.8kV Cable Sheaths | Use Inside Cross Bonding Cabinets

Ensto manufacture Overhead Lines & Underground Cable Accessories & Products for Low and Medium Voltage Networks (LV MV) utilising both heat shrink and cold shrink technologies – this includes joints, terminations and connectors.

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