New Tool For Crimping Wire Ferrules & Wire End Sleeves | Klauke K507 WF

Published 26 May 2023

Klauke K507WF

Crimping wire ferrules

& Wire End Sleeves

In the electricity field a job is done right when it’s done safely. Having at hand ergonomic tools you can always count on makes the difference and always increases efficiency.

Thorne & Derrick are leading suppliers of cable lugs and crimping tools from Klauke for Low, Medium & High Voltage Cables – this includes a range of battery operated crimping tools.

Crimping wire ferrules can be a demanding task, and there are some situations where a single crimping operation doesn’t get the job done. The new K507 WF from Klauke makes this frustration a thing of the past.

The crimping tool features excellent pull-out values and can handle everything from stranded or straight conductors to thick or thin real cross-sections. The K507 WF works with wide interchangeable crimping dies, so a single crimp is enough to securely press most wire ferrules. The crimping profile suits all common conductors, and dies can be quickly replaced to enable work to be carried out easily.

Features & Benefits Of The K507 WF Crimping Tool

  • Large cross section range from 0.5 – 50 mm²
  • One crimping profile to suit all common conductors and cables
  • Fast, easy replacement of crimping dies
  • Fewer crimpings thanks to optimal application width
  • With ratchet for consistently controlled crimp results
  • Adjusting disc to compensate for the natural tool wear

Klauke K 507 WF

Another practical advantage for daily work is that the K507 WF enables you to easily pre-clamp workpieces, which makes work even easier. Simply insert the sleeve beforehand into the tool – this way you don’t need any “third hand”. Weighing in at only 657 grams, the tool is very lightweight and suitable even for the most confined spaces.

The new K507 WF also lets you easily handle all standard conductors from 0.5 to 50 mm². The crimping dies can be securely stowed inside the tool handle, so while working you always have everything you need at hand.

Crimp Tool Ordering Information

Contact Thorne & Derrick to order or request further information.

Klauke Tool Part Number Klauke Tool Description
AE5071 Crimping dies for cable end-sleeves, 0.5 – 10 mm²
AE5072 Crimping dies for cable end-sleeves, 10 – 25 mm²
AE5073 Crimping dies for cable end-sleeves, 35 – 50 mm²
K507WF Crimping tool with interchangeable dies for wire end sleeves
ZAE5072 Crimping dies for twin cable end-sleeves 2 x 6 – 2 x 16 mm²

Do you have a Klauke Micro in your toolbox? Good news! You can use the K507 crimping dies for your Klauke Micro as well!

See the full video below, demonstrating the Klauke 508 WF Crimping Tool.


Thorne & Derrick distribute Cable Lugs & Cable Connectors to terminate, splice and joint LV MV HV cables – this includes copper, aluminium and bi-metallic connectors and a complete range of crimping tools for specific use on all Low, Medium & High Voltage cable types.

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