Concrete Infill Access Cover

Concrete Infill Access Cover

Concrete Infill

Access Covers

With a large range of access covers to compliment our access chamber systems, individual needs can be met with a bespoke cable protection combination. Cubis AX-S™ Concrete Infill covers offer flexibility in size and design with bespoke options suited to client needs.Covers can also be fitted with a variety of locking features.

Cubis Concrete Infill access covers are suitable for foot-ways, pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car parks or parking decks.

How do access covers work? Cubis access covers are used in combination with access chamber systems to protect the infrastructure networks below. A suitable frame with additional cross pieces are fitted to the chamber top. The AX-S™ Concrete Infill covers are then fitted carefully into the frame.

Concrete Infill Access Chamber Cover Installation

Concrete Infill Access Cover Installation

Access Covers

Concrete Infill Access Cover

Features & Benefits

Variable Sizes

Concrete Covers can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, bespoke to unique requirements. Cross-beams and cross-pieces can be used to build multi cover units.

Bespoke Identity

Covers can be badged with bespoke information to enable easy identification by operatives.

Access Cover For Safety

When it comes to keeping infrastructures safe, concrete infill access covers are a perfect solution. Covers are subtle and disguised as to deter attention from thieves. This eliminates the cost of additional safety measures such as the guarding of open chambers. AX-S™ Concrete Infill access covers have spring-loaded cylinder locking mechanisms that can be built in. This allows for the chambers to be locked securely. Locking keys can also be adapted to suit end user’s needs.

Long lifespan

Cubis access covers have long lifespans, reducing costs for replacements by the end user.


With an anti-slip design, slip resistance increases as the product ages. Concrete covers are tapered and posses lifting point in the centre of the cover (as apposed to the corner). This allows one person to lift and slide the cover out.

Concrete Infill Access Covers How It Works


How The Concrete Infill Cover Works

The Concrete Infill access cover is used for infrastructure and cable protection, when used in conjunction with an access chamber. Covers are available in a variety of different sizes, and can be made to bespoke requirements to suit client needs. Concrete Access Cover leaves are tapered and possess lifting points in the centre of the cover. This allows one person to lift and slide the cover out, enabling easy access.

This Cover Meets requirements of BS EN124: 1994 (B125)

Meets relevant European and British standards and is kitemarked for compliance.

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concrete cover materialMaterials

Concrete & Rolled Steel Access Covers

The frames, covers and cross pieces are manufactured from rolled steel section in compliance with BS1449 and galvanised in compliance with BS EN ISO 1461 .

Individual covers are filled with concrete.



Concrete Cover Sizesconcrete cover sizes

Concrete Infill covers are available in a range of standard sizes as well as available as bespoke covers. Cross-beams and cross-pieces can be used to build multi-cover units with options in security and badging.






concrete cover load rating

Load Rating

AX-S™ Concrete Infill covers are suitable for installation in environments rated to B125 under EN124.

Suitable for footways, pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car parks or parking decks.




concrete cover front

Long standing Approvals

AX-S™ Concrete Infill covers are the sole approved footway cover used by end users such as Openreach and Virgin Media.








Concrete Infill Access Cover

Technical Specification

Cover Size


Product Code

300 x 300 B12520.3 kgFCCI07-03000300-00*0*B**1
450 x 300 B12530 kgFCCIMP-04500300-00*0*B**1
550 x 315 B12534 kgFCCIMP-05500315-00*0*B**1
600 x 450 B12548 kgFCCIMP-06000450-00*0*B**1
610 x 610 B12572 kgFCCIMP-06100610-00R0*B**2
740 x 471 B12564 kgFCCI73-07400471-00*0*B**1
750 x 600 B12574 kgFCCI03-07500600-00*0*B**1
900 x 600 B12590 kgFCCI96-09000600-00R0*B**1
915 x 445 B12571 kgFCCIMP-09150445-00*0*B**1
1200 x 600 B125120 kgFCCIMP-12000600-00*0*B**2
1310 x 610 B125132 kgFCCIMP-13100610-00*0*B**2
2319 x 741 B125264 kgFCCI10-23190742-00*0*B**3


access cover types

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