Klauke | Tools for Cutting & Crimping Cables

Klauke Tools

Tools for Cutting & Crimping Cables, Conductors & Wires


The Klauke range of tools for the cutting and crimping of copper and aluminium underground cables and overhead line conductors are used for improved electrical safety, efficiency and super-fast cut/crimp.

Klauke EK354ML Crimping Tool 6-150sqmm

Klauke EK354ML Crimping Tool 6-150sqmm

Klauke EK354CFB Crimping Tool

Klauke EK354CFB Crimping Tool 6-150sqmm

Klauke EK505CFB Crimping Tool

Klauke EK505CFB Crimping Tool 6-240sqmm

Klauke EKM6022CFB Crimping Tool

Klauke EKM6022CFB Crimping Tool 6-240sqmm

Klauke EK60IDCFB Crimp Tool

Klauke EK60IDCFB Crimping Tool 16-240sqmm

Klauke EK6022CFB Crimp Tool

Klauke EK6022CFB Crimping Tool 6-240sqmm

Klauke EK12032CFB Crimp Tool

Klauke EK12032CFB Crimping Tool 16-400sqmm

Klauke EK135FTCFB Crimp Tool

Klauke EK135FTCFB Crimping Tool 10-630sqmm

Klauke PH252 Crimp Head

Klauke PH252 Crimp Head 16-630sqmm

Klauke ESM50CFB Cutting Tool

Klauke ESM50CFB Cutting Tool 50mm

Klauke EBS8ML Bolt Cutter

Klauke EBS8ML Bolt Cutter 8mm

Klauke EBS12ML Bolt Cutter

Klauke EBS12ML Bolt Cutter 12mm

Klauke ES20ML Cutting Tools

Klauke ES20ML Cutting Tool 20mm

Klauke ES32ML Cutting Tool

Klauke ES32ML Cutting Tool 32mm

Klauke ES32FML Cutting Tool

Klauke ES32FML Cutting Tool 32mm

Klauke ES32CFB Cutting Tool

Klauke ES32CFB Cutting Tool 32mm

Klauke ESG25CFB Cutting Tool

Klauke ESG25CFB Cutting Tool 25mm

Klauke ESG50CFB Cutting Tool

Klauke ESG50CFB Cutting Tool 48mm

Klauke ESG85CFB Cutting Tool

Klauke ESG85CFB Cutting Tool 85mm

Klauke ESG105CFB Cutting Tool

Klauke ESG105CFB Cutting Tool 105mm

Klauke EK60UNVCFB Crimping & Cutting Tool

Klauke EK60UNVCFB Crimping & Cutting Tool 6-300sqmm

Klauke SDG105 Cutting Head

Klauke SDG105 Cutting Head 105mm

Klauke EKM6022ISM Crimping Tool 6-300sqmm

Klauke EKM6022ISM Crimping Tool 6-300sqmm

Klauke EKM60 ISM VDE

Klauke EKM60ISM Crimping Tool 10-240sqmm

Klauke ES 20 ISM VDE

Klauke ES20ISM Crimping Tool 20mm

Klauke ES 32 ISM VDE

Klauke ES32ISM Crimping Tool 32mm

Klauke ES 25 ISM VDE

Klauke ES25ISM Crimping Tool 25mm

Klauke ESM 35 ISM VDE

Klauke ESM35ISM Crimping Tool 35mm

Klauke ESM 50 ISM VDE

Klauke ESM50ISM Crimping Tool 50mm