Duct Rod – 9mm Diameter Conduit Rods

Duct Rod 9mm Diameter

Duct Rods – 9mm Diameter

Duct Rods

Duct rods are manufactured from high quality glass fibre reinforced epoxy rod with 9mm diameter – the rod is helically wound for cable pulling installations into duct, conduit or manholes.The duct rod construction provides excellent bending elasticity for short, medium or long cable pulls into ducts. Ideal and fast way of installing draw ropes, winch ropes and lightweight cables into ducts, ready for cable pulling operations.

Duct rods are supplied on a free standing frame for easy handling – size 52cm x 26cm x 57cm. The duct rods come complete with end clips and guide tips in a zinc plated finish.

Duct Rod 9mm Diameter

Selection Table


Duct Rod Part No Duct Rod Diameter x Length Reel Weight
LCR9/60R  9mm x 60mtr 26Kgs
LCR9/80R 9mm x 60mtr 28Kgs
LCR9/100R 9mm x 100mtr 30Kgs
LCR9/120R 9mm x 120mtr 32Kgs
LCR9/150R 9mm x 150mtr 35Kgs
  • pushing power cable through conduits and pulling-in winch ropes for light/medium/heavy power cable (SWA armoured)
  • locating or rodding a sewer, drain or duct
  • pulling telecommunications or fibre optic cables through cable duct
  • routing draw ropes through underground pipes
  • drain surveys with CCTV cameras
9mm Diameter Conduit Rods - SEB LCR9

9mm Diameter Conduit Rods – SEB LCR9

➡ Call T&D for technical support to select the correct Duct Rod for cable pulling and installations – ex stock.

Product Type : Conduit Rods | Duct Rods

Equipment Category : Cable Pulling | Cable Laying 

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