Earth Bosses

Earth Bosses

Earth Bosses

T&D distribute the complete range of Earth Bosses that are designed to provide an earth connection point on a steel structure – the boss is welded onto steel vessels, tanks and other structures.

The earth bosses are manufactured from mild steel with stainless steel fittings –  the earth boss size, material type and design configuration can be designed to accept onshore or offshore project applications.

Stainless steel earth boss manufactured from marine grade type SS316L can be be produced for corrosive applications in offshore applications including wind turbine base foundations where sea water splash, submersion and general exposure would cause rusting and oxidisation of standard mild steel type bosses.

As standard earth bosses are supplied with fixing bolts, flat washers and spring washer.

Where earth connection points are required in concrete structures and welding earth bosses is not a viable option then earth bonding points manufactured from Gunmetal can be installed.

Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute the complete range of Copper Earthing Products manufactured by AN Wallis.

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Earth Bosses

Selection Table

Earth bosses can be produced as standard in a range of dimensions and also customised to client specification and requirement – standard thread size is M10. Mild steel and stainless steel material available.

AN Wallis Part Number Earth Boss Dimensions Thread Size Unit Weight Pack Quantity
EPB 5050 50mm x 50mm M10 0.77kg 1
EPB 5040 50mm x 40mm M10 0.62kg 1
EPB 5030 50mm x 30mm M10 0.47kg 1
EPB 4040 40mm x 40mm M10 0.47kg 1
EPB 4030 40mm x 30mm M10 0.35kg 1


Earth Bosses Dimensions

Earth Bosses Dimensions


To complement Earthing & Lightning Protection products, T&D distribute the broadest range of MV HV Joints, Terminations & Connectors.

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Nexans Euromold Connectors – cable connectors for terminating 11kV 33kV cables onto all type of switchgear and transformer bushings.

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