Cable Abandonment Kits For XLPE & PILC Low Voltage Cables

Cable Abandonment Kits For XLPE & PILC Low Voltage Cables

Cable Abandonment Kits For XLPE & PILC Low Voltage Cables

Heat shrink end caps are regularly used to seal cable ends of low voltage cable joints.

However, where a cable has been abandoned or overlayed, there is always a danger of mis-identification.

Shrink Polymer Systems range of heat shrink abandonment kits effectively connects all the individual cores to each other and provides a safe earth for the abandoned cable. Using a simple insulation tester makes identifying the cable as abandoned a relatively simple matter, ensuring the cable is not accidentally energised.

Heat shrink cable joints are also available for XLPE cables and PILC cables although any cable type can be catered for if details are given – contact us with your cable specification details.

Heat shrink end caps are available for EPR, XLPE and PILC paper insulated multicore cables – cold shrink cable abandonment kits are available where “hot-working” is not permitted in hazardous area zones and potentially explosive atmospheres.



SPS Part Number PILC Cable Cable Range (sqmm) SPS Part Number XLPE Cable
SPAK 4-35-4PB 4 Core 4-35sqmm SPAK 4-35-4X
SPAK 50-150-4PB 4 Core 50-150sqmm SPAK 50-150-4X
SPAK 185-300-4PB 4 Core 185-300sqmm SPAK 185-300-4X

The table shows only the popular 4 core kits, for 2 or 3 core kits the codes should be changed by substituting the figure 4 shown after the cable range to either 2 or 3.

Example: For a 3 core XLPE kit 120sqmm, the correct code should be: SPAK 50-150-3X

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