Medium Voltage Cable Connectors, Joints & Terminations

Medium Voltage Cable Connectors, Joints & Terminations

Medium Voltage Cable Connectors

NKT manufactures premium quality medium voltage cable accessories (Connectors | Joints | Terminations) to provide safe and reliable distribution of electrical power at 11kV 33kV and up to 66kV – this includes NKT joints, terminations, connectors and shrouded terminations for connecting MV cables to medium voltage air insulated switchgear (AIS), SF6 gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), transformers, motors, generators overhead lines or substation busbars up to 66kV.

NKT MV Medium Voltage Cable Accessory Products 11kV 33kV 66kV

  • Indoor (TI) & Outdoor Cable Terminations (TO) – Silicone Rubber
  • Outdoor Cable Terminations (APSEA) – XLPE EPR Cables | EPDM Rubber 12-36kV (33kV)
  • Oil Filled Cable Termination (APED) – XLPE Cables | Self Supporting Termination 
  • Screened Separable Connectors | Type A & B Interface Bushings
  • Screened Separable Connectors | Type C1/C2 & F Interface Bushings
  • Coupling Connectors (CC)
  • Surge Arresters
  • Inner Cone Plug Terminations 
  • Cable Joints
  • Suit Single & 3 Core XLPE Cables  | PILC Paper Insulated Cables
Connectors Terminations NKT

NKT CB 36-630 | Screened separable elbow branch connectors made of silicone rubber for connection and termination of MV cables up to 33kV / 42kV XLPE cables to outercone bushing type C1 (630A) and C2 (1250A) according to EN 50180 and 50181.

Cable Terminations for Medium Voltage Power Cables

Silicone Rubber Terminations

NKT introduced silicone rubber medium voltage cable accessories providing excellent mechanical and electrical properties for the joint, termination and connection of power cables up to 400kV. Silicone rubber offers high-quality electrical insulation, superior corona,
tracking resistance, combined with a high elasticity. Versatile silicone rubber terminations facilitates multi-range medium voltage cable  applications in which one silicone rubber body can be used for different conductor cross-sections. Optimal flexibility also ensures easy assembly of these medium voltage cable accessories. Outstanding features of the silicone rubber insulation material are:

  • UV & Ozone Resistance
  • Durable Water Rejection
  • Weather & Aging Resistance
  • Non-flammable, Self-extinguishing & Heat Resistant
  • Cable Accessories Applicable at Temperatures – 50 °C and + 180 °C
  • High Elasticity
  • High Tracking Resistance
  • Unlimited Storage Life
  • Friendly to Environment
MV Terminations

MV Terminations | NKT cable terminations include screened separable cable connectors and shrouded terminations for connection of MV cables into substation electrical equipment (Gas & Air Insulated Switchgear and Transformers and Overhead Lines) up to 66kV.

NKT Cable Joints

NKT manufactures premium Medium Voltage Cable Accessories up to 33kV/42 kV including cable joints for XLPE power cable systems

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