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Saffire zero halogen, low smoke cables, manufactured by Prysmian Draka, have long been associated with safety during fire. In particular, the safety of the public in and around buildings such as underground stations, airports, shopping centres, hospitals and schools. Flames are lethal because they consume everything they come into contact with, but smoke and fumes, which reach much further, also pose a significant threat.

Smoke and fumes, such as acid gases produced by burning standard PVC cables, are a very serious risk in building fires. Smoke can obscure emergency exits, signage and luminaires, it can also appear to block the way, especially thick black smoke caused by burning PVC.

Acid gases are also produced when PVC cables burn which can cause coughing and even choking of occupants while trying to evacuate.

Prysmian Draka Saffire low smoke cables are not PVC. They are constructed from stranded or solid plain annealed copper wire with an extruded layer of cross-linked Zero Halogen, Low Smoke (OHLS) compound. This will help to lower the risk.

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Draka is a brand of the Prysmian Group | The Draka brand includes an extensive range of LV power cables and specialist fire performance cables (Firetuf) for emergency circuits but also low fire hazard cables for general non-emergency circuits.

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Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables & accessories

T&D supply from stock UK and international projects with competitively priced LS0H cables and a full range of cable accessories, such as zero halogen cable joints, glands and cleats from leading manufacturers including CMP, Ellis Patents and 3M.

We can provide a complete single-source project supply for all Zero Halogen Cable & Cable Accessory requirements.

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