3M 92-AV642-3/C 11kV 3 Core XLPE 240-300sqmm Hazardous Area Cable Joints

11kV Hazardous Area 3 Core XLPE EPR Cold Shrink Cable Joints – 3M QS1000 92-AV6x2-3/C

11kV Hazardous Area 3 Core XLPE EPR Cold Shrink Cable Joints – 3M QS1000 92-AV6x2-3/C

11kV Cable Joint Cold Shrink – 3M 92-AV642-3/C
QS1000 Single Core Cable Joints

3M 92-AV642-3/C is a Cold Shrink cable joint kit designed for inline cable jointing up to 12kV Umax voltage class -three core polymeric power cable systems with copper tape screen & armour, with or without lead sheath, according to HD 620 (IEC 60502). Suitable for use in hazardous areas and approved by UK Coal, for installation in Mines & Quarries.

Cable joint suits 11kV cables with 240sqmm, 300sqmm single core conductors – see Cold Shrink terminations for connection of MV HV cables to substation switchgear, transformers, cable terminal boxes and electrical equipment.

Order Code – 3M 92-AV642-3/C
  • Manufacturer: 3M
  • Order Code: 92-AV642-3/C
  • Type Of Cable Joint – Straight/Inline Three Core Hazardous Area
  • Joint/Splice Body: 3M QS1000 Cold Shrink
  • Cable Joint Voltage: 11kV (12kV Umax voltage class)
  • Minimum Conductor Cross Section: 240sqmm
  • Maximum Conductor Cross Section: 300sqmm
  • 11kV Primary Insulation Diameter Range: 28.4-42.0mm
  • Includes integrated stress control layer, conductive electrode, silicone elastomer insulation & outer semi-conductive layer
  • Includes copper screen sleeve, constant Force springs and/or lead sheath connection components, and mechanical connectors
  • Flame retardant and Hydro carbon resistant mould shell and resin packs
  • Meets & exceeds European Standard CENELEC HD 629.1
  • Also: 3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations MV HV
Cable Joint Performance Tests

The 3M QS1000 Cold Shrink Single Core Inline/Straight Cable Joint Series meets and exceeds the requirements of the European standard CENELEC HD 629.1. Test Report: 3M Italia S.p.A. Report No. I0594-0E dated December 14, 2007.


The 3M Cold Shrink technology ensures quick, easy and safe installation of the QS1000 Splice Joint Body and outer protection tubes by pulling and unwinding the plastic support core in counter clockwise direction. The use of special tools is not necessary. Detailed instructions for installing the 3M QS1000 Series Inline Joints are included in each joint kit.

3M Product Identification

The 3M 92-AV642-3/C Inline Joint kit is marked with supplier name, cable cross section ranges, voltage classes and cable type, storage conditions and manufacturing codes for product traceability.

Cold Shrink Storage Conditions

The shelf life of the 3M QS1000 Series Inline Cold Shrink Joints is specified as 3 years.
Temperature: -40°C to +50°C (short term peaks at 60°C max.).

3M 11kV Cable Joint Part Number Diameter over Primary Insulation (mm)   Cross Section (sqmm)
6/10(12)kV & 6.35/11(12)kV
92-AV612-3/C 17.7 – 26.0 70 – 95
92-AV622-3/C 22.3 – 33.2 120 – 185
92-AV642-3/C 28.4 – 42.0 240 – 300
3M QS1000 Cold Shrink

3M QS1000 Cold Shrink Joints – once the mastic tapes are installed a copper wire sleeve is placed over the high voltage cable joint and connected to provide armour earth continuity up to 11kV using constant force springs.

Watch Video3M Premium MV Cold Shrink Cable Joints with Integrated Electrode

3M 92-AV642-3/C

3M 92-AV642-3/C

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