240sqmm Cable Lugs 11kV 33kV – Cembre 2A48

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240sqmm Cable Lugs 11kV 33kV – Cembre 2A48

240sqmm Cable Lug

Cembre 2A48-M

Copper Cable Lug Specifications  

Cembre 2A48-M copper cables lugs are suitable for medium/high voltage crimping and terminating of 240sqmm stranded copper conductor cables with stud hole sizes of M12, M14, M16 and M20.

Cable lugs suitable for connection of 11kV-33kV power cables to MV-HV electrical equipment including switchgear, transformers and control panels – heavy duty crimped joint for 240sqmm (350-500MCM) copper conductors (low/fine stranded) cables.

  • Conductor Metric: 240sqmmCembre Crimping Tools
  • Conductor American Wire Gauge: 350-500MCM
  • Conductor Type: Stranded Copper
  • Cable Lug Voltage: LV 11kV 33kV
  • Lug Stud Options: M12 M14 M16 M20
  • UL Listed UL486A
  • More: Cable Crimps, Lugs, Connectors

2A48-M high voltage cable lugs are annealed with double length barrel and suitable for both indoor and outdoor cable termination, typically at 11kV/33kV.


High Voltage hv 11kv 33kv – 240sqmm

Cembre 2A48 cable lugs are installed using hydraulic or battery type cable crimping tools:

  • Crimping Tools (50kN) – HT51, RH50, RHM50, B51, B500
  •  Die Set 16sqmm – ME3-50
  • Crimping Tools (120-130kN) – HT120, HT131-C, RHC131, RHM132, RHU131-C, B135, B1350, B131, B1300
  • Nest + Indentor + Die Set 16sqmm – MA3 + PA10-C + ME3-C
  • Crimping Tools (230kN) – ECW-H3D
  • Cembre AU230-130D Adapter + 130kN Dies
  • Crimping Tools 520kN) – RHU520
  • Cembre AU520-130C Adapter + 130kN Dies

Cembre Cable Lugs

2A48-M12  2A48-M14  2A48-M16  2A48-M20


Cembre Cable Lug Order Code Conductor Size Stranded Copper Ø Stud Size Cable Lug Dimensions
Øi B M N L d
 2A48-M12 240sqmm 12mm 21.1mm 39mm 16mm 14mm 109mm 13.2mm
2A48-M14 240sqmm 14mm 21.1mm 39mm 18mm 16mm 113mm 15mm
2A48-M16 240sqmm 16mm 21.1mm 39mm 19mm 17mm 115mm 17mm
2A48-M20 240sqmm 20mm 21.1mm 39mm 22mm 20mm 121mm 21mm

240sqmm Cable Lugs 11kV 33kV – Cembre 2A48

Cable Lugs Cembre HV High Voltage 11kV 33kV

HV High Voltage Cable Lugs – Cembre single/double hole, angled and stalk connectors