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Webster-Wilkinson Porcelain Bushings

Webster-Wilkinson Porcelain Bushings

en Bushings

EN rated porcelain bushings manufactured by Webster-Wilkinson are standardised via CENELEC and designed to comply with current EN Standard requirements.

EN 50386 rated bushings range features a plastic under oil arrangement to give enhanced anti-rotation properties and negates the need for additional gaskets.

The air-side arrangement overcomes UV damage of gaskets – normally associated with the DIN range of bushings.

The range rated EN 50180 has been designed to replace the DIN Standard range of bushings over time.

en bushings – specification

Webster-Wilkinson Order Code kV A EN Standard
WWEN1/250A 1 250 50386
WWEN1/630A 630
WWEN1/1000A 1000
WWEN1/1250A 1250
WWEN1/2000 2000
WWEN1/3150 3150
WWEN1/4000 4000
WWEN1/5000 5000
WWEN12/250P1 12 250 50180
WWEN24/250P2 24
WWEN36/250P1 36
WWEN12/630P3 12 630
WWEN24/630P2 24
WWEN36/630P2 36
WWEN52/1250P1 52 1250
WWEN52/2000P1 2000
WWEN52/3150P1 3150
WWEN52/1250P3 1250
WWEN52/2000P3 2000
WWEN52/3150P3 3150


porcelain bushings

Webster-Wilkinson offer a complete range of bushings which utilise porcelain insulation designed for use in power transformers, distribution transformers and pole mounted transformers operating at LV MV HV electrical voltages.

Porcelain insulation is a proven technology which provides low cost, long life and maintenance-free solutions which can withstand all environmental conditions.

For a given operating voltage porcelain insulators can be provided with varying creepage distances depending on environmental conditions.

Porcelain bushings are normally supplied with brown glaze however if required, they can be given a grey glaze. All bushings meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 60137 Standards.Bushings

BS EN ISO 60137: Insulated Bushings for Alternating Voltages above 1000V

Please contact us for technical support, stock availability and competitive quotations for the complete range of porcelain bushings.