GRC Elevated Cable Channel

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GRC Elevated Cable Channel

GRC Elevated Cable Channel

GRC Elevated Cable Channel for rail cables is made from GRC and supplied in 3 metre lengths with internal channel dimensions of 160mm wide x 135mm deep – GRC elevated cable channel is supplied complete with lids held in place by interlocking H piece or locking brackets.

GRC elevated cable channel systems are easily handled and installed – 3 metre elevated cable channel with lids weighs 38kgs. Channel bends, T pieces and joint boxes are available to support the elevated channel system.

GRC elevated cable channel carries Network Rail PADS approval for trackside rail cable containment.

Elevated Cable Channel Accessories:

  • Channel Bends – two 45 degree bends combine to produce a full 90 degree angle
  • ‘T’ Piece – simple, effective and easily installed the T Piece comes with a one piece lid
  • Joint Box – BCM’s joint box has been developed to enable a joint to be made without interference to the cable
  • Support Stakes – available in a range of heights starting at 1.4m and the support and bracket are manufactured from galvanised steel

GRC Elevated Cable Channel Product Offering

BCM Part Number Rail Industry Category Number Product Type Length (m)
BCM C/04/03 4/090770 Elevated cable channel 3
BCM C/04/04CL 4/090771 Elevated cable lid 3
BCM C/04/05 4/090775 Elevated channel bend 1.5
BCM C/04/06CL 4/090776 Elevated channel bend lid 1.5
BCM C/09/03 4/090782 T Piece for elevated channel 1.6
BCM C/09/04CL 4/090783 Lid for elevated T Piece 1.6
BCM C/09/01 4/090780 Joint box for elevated channel 1.9
BCM C/09/02CL 4/090781 Lid for elevated joint box 1.9


GRC Elevated Cable Channel - Steelwork

GRC Elevated Cable Channel – Steelwork

GRC Cable Troughs

GRC Cable Troughs supplied to Network Rail and London Underground to support insulated electric cables used for power distribution and communication.