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Interface F 66kV Separable Connectors & Bushings | Product Listing

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Interface F 66kv Separable Connectors

➡ View the range of Interface F 66kV type products manufactured by Nexans Euromold including tee connectors, surge arresters, coupling connectors and Interface F separable connectors and switchgear/transformer bushings for medium/high voltage.

Contact us should you require any assistance to select Interface F 66kV Connectors or associated cable accessories and bushings for use on MV HV cables and power systems including 11kV joints, 11kV terminations, 33kV joints and 33kV terminations.

Supporting range of HV Electrical Equipment including 11kV 33kV fuses and cable cleats for the support and clamping of Triplex, XLPE, EPR and polymeric insulated cables.

Nexans Euromold Reference Description Connector Shape
R909TB/G R909TB/G Interface F Tee Connector Tee
R909PB/G R909PB/G Interface F Coupling Connector Coupling Connector
900SA-CD 900SA-CD Interface F Surge Arrester Surge Arrester
R900BE R900BE Interface F Bushing Extender Bushing
R900DR-B/G R900DR-B/G Interface F Dead-End Receptacle Dead-End Receptacle
900AR-6 900AR-6 Interface F Equipment Bushing Bushing
900AR-8 900AR-8 Interface F Equipment Bushing Bushing


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