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Interface A Connectors

Interface F  – Nexans Euromold 66kV Connectors, Elbows, Bushings & Surge Arresters

Nexans Euromold Interface F separable connectors for terminating MV-HV cables including XLPE EPR 66kV and 72.5kV power cable – a complete range of elbow connectors for termination of medium/high voltage cables into switchgear, transformers, motors and substations on 66kV electricity networks.

Full supporting range of Euromold 66kV tee connectors, coupling connectors and equipment bushings suitable for Interface F bushings according to CENELEC EN 50180 and 50181.

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Interface F 66kv Cable Connectors

MV HV Euromold Products

  • Euromold R909TB/G Tee Connector
  • Euromold R909PB/G Coupling Connector
  • Euromold 900SA-CD Surge Arrester
  • Euromold R900BE Bushing Extender
  • Euromold R900DR-B/G Dead-End Receptacle
  • Euromold 900AR-6 Equipment Bushing
  • Euromold 900AR-8 Equipment Bushing
  • 11kV 33kV Euromold Connectors, Elbows & Tees

High voltage connectors manufactured by Nexans Euromold to suit Interface F bushings up to 66kV – call us to discuss your requirements for cable connectors, terminations and joints for 11kV-33kV medium/high voltage power networks.

66kV terminations are available in Cold Shrink, push-on or heat shrink technology and are used typically to connect and terminate high voltage power cables to overhead line distribution networks, including H type wood pole type – the cable terminations are suitable for 120-1000sqmm XLPE insulated 66kV power cables with lead sheath and bonded semi-con screens.

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Interface F 66kV Cable Connectors

Euromold R909TB Elbow Connectors Up to 72.5kV 1250A

Euromold Separable
Continuous Current In (A) Conductor Sizes (sqmm)
min max
R909TB/G  66kV 72.5kV 1250 Amps 95sqmm 1200sqmm
Euromold R909TB Ordering Instructions
Euromold R909TB/G
Connector Part Number
Diameter over core insulation (mm)
min max
3 x R909TB/G-S-25-X 27 33.5
3 x R909TB/G-S-30-X 32.5 41
3 x R909TB/G-S-37-X 40 48
3 x R909TB/G-S-43-X 46.5 51
3 x R909TB/G-S-46-X 49.5 55
3 x R909TB/G-S-50-X 54 59
3 x R909TB/G-S-53-X 57 64
3 x R909TB/G-S-58-X 62.5 68
Connectors Suitable For Copper & Aluminium Cables
Aluminium & Copper Conductor (RMV) Copper Cable (RMV)
Bolted DIN Hexagonal Crimp
95sqmm 95.240-14-5 95(K)M-11-2
120sqmm 120(K)M-11-2
150sqmm 150(K)M-11-2
185sqmm 95.240-14-5 185.400-14-5 185(K)M-11-2
240sqmm 95.240-14-5 185.400-14-5 240(K)M-11-2
300sqmm 185.400-14-5 300(K)M-11-2
400sqmm 400.630-14-5 185.400-14-5 400(K)M-11-2
500sqmm 400.630-14-5 500(K)M-11-2
630sqmm 630(K)M-11-2
800sqmm 800.1200-14-5 800(K)M-11-2
1000sqmm 1000(K)M-11-2
1200sqmm 1200(K)M-11-2


➡ View the complete range of Nexans Euromold Connectors suitable for cable termination of 11kV, 33kV and up 66kV cables.

11kV 33kV Heat Shrink Terminations | 33kV Cold Shrink Joints

➡ See the product sections below for the complete range of Nexans Euromold Connectors suitable for Interface F bushings on MV-HV electrical equipment up to 66kV/72kV.

66kV Joints Terminations Connectors

Connectors for renewable energy – onshore and offshore wind power projects

Euromold MV HV Cable Terminations, Connectors, Elbows & Joints

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