Polypipe Polyduct Street Lighting Cable Duct

Polypipe Polyduct Street Lighting Cable Duct

Polypipe Polyduct Street Lighting Cable Duct

Polypipe Polyduct street lighting cable duct provides a durable, lightweight and flexible single wall cable protection for street lighting or traffic signal applications.

Polyduct cable duct is constructed from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is available in two inner diameter sizes of 50mm and 97mm and lengths of 6 metre. Cable duct bends are also available with 45º or 90º angles.

Polypipe street lighting cable duct can be used within open trench or trenchless applications.

T&D offer a full range of Street Lighting cable duct, contact us for further information.

Orange Cable Ducting

The colour of cable duct provides visual identification to utility contractors during excavation, jointing and cable upgrade works and is the recommended colour coding for underground cable protection on Highways Authority services according to The National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG) – this includes street lighting and traffic control cable protection on motorways and trunk roads using orange colour coded cable duct.

Polypipe Polyduct Street Lighting Cable Duct

T&D distribute Feeder Pillars for single and 3 phase street lighting, control and electricity distribution.

Polypipe Polyduct Street Lighting Cable Duct – Features & Benefits

  • Integrated sockets
  • Cable duct manufactured to BS 61386 (Conduit Systems For Cable Management)
  • Smooth bore orange cable duct

Polyduct Cable Duct selection table

Polyduct Product Code Inner Duct Diameter (mm) Outer Duct Diameter (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Length (m) Pack Quantity
PD5060X6O (TS or SL) 50mm 60mm 5mm 6m 250
PD97107X6O (TS or SL) 97mm 107mm 5mm 6m 85

Cable Duct Bends

Polypipe Part Code
Outer Diameter (mm) Angle Radius Pack Quantity
PDB60X45O 60mm 45º 350 25
PDB60X90O 60mm 90º 225 25
PDB107X45O 107mm 45º 450 1
PDB107X90O 107mm 90º 450 1


Cable Ducts
Cable Duct

T&D distribute cable duct for power (LV MV HV), street lighting and motorway communications – Class 1, 2 & 3 ducts protect medium/high voltage cables operating at 11kV, 33kV and EHV up to 132kV.

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