Sicame MB21/1A/SHR Hybrid (Side Entry) LV Service Branch Connector


Sicame MB21/1A/SHR are LV service branch connectors designed for service branch connections on stranded or solid cable. The aluminium connector yoke is electro-tinned as standard and is supplied with brass grub screws making it suitable for jointing both copper and aluminium conductor cores. The MB21/1A/SHR mechanical connector has a factory fitted lower polypropylene shroud with a ‘snap on’ upper to fully insulate the assembled connector.

Voltage Class – LV Low Voltage

  • Cable joint connector manufactured from tinned aluminium alloy with polypropylene shroud and brass screws
  • Tested to BS EN 61238-1 : 2003 Compression and Mechanical Connectors for power cables for rated voltages up to 36 kV

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Part Order Code: Sicame MB21/1A/SHR

Sicame MB21/1A/SHR Hybrid (Side Entry) LV Service Branch Connector

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Cable Voltages LV (1000V) 6.6kV 11kV 33kV

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