Switchgear & Switchboard Mats LV MV HV | Electrical Insulating Matting

Switchgear & Switchboard Mats

Complete range of insulating matting for the electrical protection of substation workers conducting routine maintenance, repair and installation of electrical equipment in switchboard and switchgear typically located in LV (Low), MV (Medium) and HV (High) Voltage substations.

Switchgear & Switchboard Matting

Electrical insulating mats are available for following specifications and applications:

  • LV Switchgear & Switchboard Mats – Tested To BS921 Standard
  • LV Switchgear & Switchboard Mats – 450V Insulating Mats
  •  ASTM D178 ANSI JS.7 Type 1 For LV MV HV Switchgear & Switchboard Applications
  • ASTM D178 ANSI JS.7 Type 2 For LV MV HV Switchgear & Switchboard Applications
  • LV MV HV Switchgear & Switchboard Applications  – IEC61111 Insulating Mats
  • 11kV 33kV Insulating Mats For LV MV HV Substations, Switchgear & Switchboards

Standard log rolls are available from stock – customised switchgear matting can be cut to suit floor space requiring protection to the specified voltage level according to the electrical risk.

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