Upstand Access Cover

Upstand Access Cover


Access Covers

With a large range of access covers to compliment our access chamber systems, individual needs can be met with a bespoke cable protection combination. Upstand access covers are fitted on top of and stand proud of the finished structure providing a fully waterproof access point. Covers can also be badged with customer information to allow the covers to be easily identified.

Upstand steel fabricated access covers are suitable for low-risk areas; with security options to prevent unwanted access.

How do access covers work? Cubis access covers are used in combination with access chamber systems to protect the infrastructure networks below. Steel covers are designed by an in-house team using the latest technology, where parts can be tested using Finite Element Analysis software to understand how the products perform under load.

upstand installation

Cubis Upstand Access Cover Installation

Access Covers

Upstand Access Cover

Features & Benefits

Variable Sizes

Upstand access chambers are available in a range of bespoke sizes, developed to meet specific client needs and to provide the best solution for a project.

Bespoke Identity

Covers can be badged with bespoke information to enable easy identification by operatives.

Access Cover For Safety

Covers are optimised for safety during use with a safety stay that prevents the cover leaf from slamming shut when in use. Cubis has designed a number of fall-protection options including; Hinged, Drop-in and Split systems. Safety grids can be fitted with a failsafe lock back catch.

Long Lifespan

Cubis access covers have long lifespans, reducing costs for replacements by the end user. Upstand covers are hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461. For increased longevity and aggressive environments a superior galvanising finish can be used to give a 100 (min) or 140 (min) micron zinc coating.


Upstand covers are safe and easy to life. Covers are hinged and the opening aided by steel springs. Each cover is manufactured so that the cover will rise slowly with minimal effort. Additional cover lifting assistance options can be added.


How The Upstand Cover Works

The Upstand access cover is used for infrastructure and cable protection, when used in conjunction with an access chamber. Covers can be made to bespoke requirements to suit client project needs. The steel upstand access cover is safe to lift, while also providing exceptional operational safety.

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upstand materials


Covers are manufactured from a minimum of 4mm thick structural steel plate and are hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.







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Cubis can assist at all stages of a project, from site survey to installation guidance.

Steel covers are designed by an in-house team using the latest technology which allows for 3D models to be shared with the client for collaborative working. Parts can be tested using Finite Element Analysis software to understand how the products perform under load.

Manufacturing takes place in Cubis’ 400m² modern facility by experienced fabricators.






For additional data sheets contact Thorne & Derrick, or visit Cubis’ technical library here

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