HookIt | No Touch Hand Safety Tool

HookIt | Hands Free Safety Tool For Hand Protection | UK & Export Sales

HookIt | Hands Free Safety Tool For Hand Protection | UK & Export Sales


The HookIt Hand Safety Tool is manufactured by Hand Safety Tools and stocked and distributed by Thorne & Derrick.

HookIt tools are designed to help maintain control of an item while keeping hands away from “No-Touch” hazards. It acts as an extension of a worker’s body to move, push or reposition an item, keeping users out of the danger zone while sustaining control of the object. It can also be used as a rigid tagline.

The HookIt Hand Safety Tool can be used to pull or drag pallets, push or pull boxes on a rolling rack, and pull suspended loads.

Thorne & Derrick supply the complete range of Safety Tools & Equipment, including hand safety tools to enable safe working in sectors such as the construction, renewables, data centres, rail, manufacturing and oil, gas, petrochemical industries.

The Push-Pull Tool is available with four standard hook configurations, and fixed or swivel head options. Sizes range from 24 inches to 44 inches.

Push Pull Tools

The range of Push Pull Tools manufactured by the Hand Safety Tool Company and distributed by Thorne & Derrick provide significant Health & Safety Improvements around site where “pushing and pulling” operations such as handling deliveries or loading/unloading in yards is commonplace. This download produced by the UK HSE enables the Risk Assessment according to Load Weight, Operation Frequency, Push/Pull Distances and other impacting factors – the range of tools to keep hands off loads, enable “hands-free” lifting, mitigate risk of load handing and prevent hand or finger injury are available in the UK from Thorne & Derrick.

Hookit Hand Safety Tool


The HookIt™ has a number of Health & Safety advantages such as:

  • Acts as an extension of your arm to move, push or reposition items
  • Keeps workers safe distance from danger zones
  • Removes risk of hand injuries
HookIt Grating Tool HookIt | Hook Around Tagline To Push & Pull Suspended Loads
The HookIt Tool in action, safely working with suspended loads and keeping hands out of danger areas when carrying out “pushing and pulling” worktasks.

Hand Safety Tool Uses

  • Pull, drag or lift grating
  • Pull or drag pallets
  • Push or pull boxes on a rolling rack
  • Hook around sling legs to pull suspended loads
  • Hook around tagline to pull suspended loads
  • Hook into a flange hole opening to maneuver suspended wellheads or valves
  • Team lift a piece of grating up to 50 lbs. utilizing two short HookIts
Hookit Hand Safety Tool

Stocked by Thorne & Derrick | Specialist Distributors of Industrial Safety Products, Tools, Equipment & PPE

Tool Design for Push Pull Working

HookIt Hook Design

  • Durable steel material
  • Four standard hook configurations

HookIt Head Design

  • All hook designs and lengths come in two head options to best fit the end-use application:
    • Fixed head design option
    • Swivel head design options

HookIt Materials

  • Lightweight and durable plastic coated FRP material
  • Hi-viz safety orange
  • Textured shaft for slip resistant handling to keep hands in place
  • Ergonomic and slip resistand D-Handle
HookIt Safety Tool

Four Standard Hook Variations | Available In Fixed Or Swivel Head Options

HookIt Hand Safety Tool | Technical Specification

Tool Part Number Tool Length Hook Type  Weight Dimensions
HOOKIT-AH 44” Fixed – Angled Hook 2.4 lbs. 44” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-JH 44” Fixed – J Hook 2.4 lbs. 44” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-LH 44” Fixed – L Hook 2.4 lbs. 44” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-TH 44” Fixed – T Hook 2.4 lbs. 44” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-AH24 24” Fixed – Angled Hook 1.7 lbs. 24” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-JH24 24” Fixed – J Hook 1.7 lbs. 24” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-LH24 24” Fixed – L Hook 1.7 lbs. 24” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-TH24 24” Fixed – T Hook 1.7 lbs. 24” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-AHS 44” Swivel – Angled Hook 2.4 lbs 44” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-JHS 44” Swivel – J Hook 2.4 lbs 44” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-LHS 44” Swivel – L Hook 2.4 lbs 44” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-THS 44” Swivel – T Hook 2.4 lbs 44” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-AH24S 24” Swivel – Angled Hook 1.7 lbs. 24” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-JH24S 24” Swivel – J Hook 1.7 lbs. 24” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-LH24S 24” Swivel – L Hook 1.7 lbs. 24” x 5” x 2”
HOOKIT-TH24S 24” Swivel – T Hook 1.7 lbs. 24” x 5” x 2”

Sizes of HookIt available: 24 inch, 44 inch

HookIt Tool Sizes

Hand Safety Tool Range

Tool Product Range Length Materials
ShoveIt 21” – 90” Rubber, Plastic, Aluminium
HookIt 24″ – 44″ Coated FRP
SnareIt 2″ – 24″ Coated FRP, Aluminium
HoldIt 12″ – 36″ Lightweight UHWM, Polyester
GrateIt 0.75” Aluminium
GrabIt 3″ – 10″ Aluminium, FRP, Rubber Grip
TwistIt 4.5″ – 5.5″ Aluminum, Plastic Grip
Rackit 4″ – 8″ Aluminium, Plastic Grip

Pinch Points & Hand ProtectionPinchPoint | Avoiding Hand & Finger Injuries Using Hand Safety Tools

A pinch point is commonly defined as any point where it is possible for a body part to be caught between moving and stationary plant or equipment. Pinch points are found in many places throughout a workplace.

Work tasks such as equipment maintenance, lifting materials, guiding loads, assembly line work and hoisting or hooking up trailers are just a few common tasks where pinch points are a common hazard.

The physical forces applied to the hand caught in a pinch point can vary and cause injuries ranging from bruises, cuts, fractures and scalping to mangled and amputated body parts, and even death.

Safety Tools

Hand Safety Tools| ShoveIt | HookIt | SnareIt | HoldIt | GrateIt | GrabIt | TwistIt | RackIt

Thorne & Derrick distribute a range of Safety Tools from Hand Safety Tool Company designed to minimise hand injuries by keeping hands out of the line of fire. Over a quarter of a million people suffer serious hand injuries each year. The Hand Safety Tool Company works hard to help to reverse that trend by creating No Touch Hand Safety Tools that keep hands off and away from potential injury areas. The range of Safety Products are the result of numerous conversations and in-field encounters over the last decade with key Health & Safety Officers and “boots-on-the-ground personnel” to ensure each tool produced does the most important job of all – helps every user to keep their hands. 

Cable Safety Hooks & Equipment

OSHA maintains general industry regulations on walking and working surfaces that guard workers against hazards and the risk of injury including clutter, protruding objects and wet conditions. These Health & Safety hazards can harm everyone in a facility, regardless of title or job responsibilities.

Slips, trips, and falls cause nearly 700 fatalities per year and many more injurious accident in the workplace according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The CableSafe range of products ensure all cables, wires and hoses are suspended off the ground especially in high traffic work areas such as production floors, machinery spaces and deck level areas where maintenance is being carried out.

CableSafe Safety solutions are critical cable essentials and are well proved construction safety products.

The CableSafe range of cable hooks can be used during maintenance, turnaround, outages, shutdowns, construction work to suspend cables and hoses and other work gear and equipment from the working space.

Cable Hooks | Temporary Cable Support | Suspend LV MV HV Cables | Prevent Workplace Slips & Trips

Cable Hooks | Temporary Cable Support | Suspend LV MV HV Cables | Prevent Workplace Slips & Trips


Thorne & Derrick protect substation engineers, asset managers, SAPS, cable jointers, overhead linesmen and utility workers with PPE and safety equipment: this includes insulating glovesarc flash clothing, voltage detectors, insulating matting and portable earthing to ensure worker safety when carrying out repair and maintenance on LV-HV switchgear, transformers, substations and turbines from 600V, 11kV, 33kV and up to 400kV.

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