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CableSafe® Cable Guards create a trip free walkway which reduces slips, trips and falls accidents from clusters of cables and hoses. Cable Guards provide protection against outdoor elements. The Guards are cost-effective and specially designed for heavy duty usage with quality materials.

CableSafe® works with heavy duty cable floor guards to protect electrical cables & hoses from burning and possibly causing an accident. Tripping accidents are common in electrically sensitive areas such as factories and grid stations.

Thorne & Derrick supply the complete range of Safety Tools & Equipment to enable safe working in sectors such as the construction, renewables, data centres, rail, manufacturing and oil, gas, petrochemical industries.

CableSafe® does not compromise when it comes to cable protection like a rubber cable protector since it is equally necessary to keep equipment safe as well as workers working on that equipment. From excellent flexibility to high flame-retardant properties to exceptional mechanical protection, CableSafe® guarantees the highest quality and safety in all cable protection areas.

Avoid tripping accidents and damaged cables by using Heavy Duty Cable Guards & Covers to cover walkways and driveways

Avoid tripping accidents and damaged cables by using Heavy Duty Cable Guards & Covers to cover walkways and driveways

Heavy Duty Cable Guards reduce electrical shock risk when cables and hoses are exposed to outdoor elements. Heavy Duty Cable Guards are an ideal safety tool to prevent slips, trips and fall accidents. The lightweight guards are designed for heavy duty usage.

CableSafe® Heavy Duty Cable Guards are the most cost-effective solution designed to protect with quality materials. Outdoor Heavy Duty Cable Guards cater for a variety of needs

Cable Guards are the required safety tool to prevent accidents and will allow continued safe passage. The Guards can be used for about any application to protect electrical cables from damage and prevention from tripping.

Cable Covers are ideal for internal or external use in areas such as schools, offices, theatres, gardens or building sites. Some typical applications for a cable protector would be sporting events, concerts, venues and stadia, large industrial factories or complex, docks, markets, mining and construction sites.

Cable ramp protectors bring more benefits than for might think at first. Besides the fact that cable ramps protect cables and hoses, it also ensures that you work in a safe place. When a cord ramp is in the right place, you prevent people falling.

Especially in the technical industry, it is important to work in a safe way and pedestrian cable protectors will help you with this. Drive over cable protectors in a safe way and prevent yourself and the equipment from damage.



2 Channel
3 Channel Small
3 Channel
5 Channel
2 Channel Cable Guard | Cable Protection LV MV HV 3 Channel Cable Guard | Cable Protection LV MV HV 3 Channel Cable Guard | Cable Protection LV MV HV 5 Channel Cable Guard | Cable Protection LV MV HV
Material Non-conductive, UV stabilised polyurethane
Dimensions (mm) (I)1000x(w)250x(h)45 (I)900x(w)300x(h)45 (I)900x(w)500x(h)75 (I)900x(w)500x(h)50
Weight (kg) 4 5.4 12.7
35% lighter than a rubber version
40% lighter than rubber version
Channel Dimensions (mm) (w)35x(h)30 (w)30x(h)35 (w)65x(h)55 4 channels: (w)34x(h)36
1 centre: (w)40x(h)36
Weight loading NATA laboratory, tested per tire 5 minutes 4T 8T 6T 6T
Laboratory Fail Load 6.1T 13.1T 8.3T 11T

Cable Guards Advantages
  • Polyurethane: Lightweight design for heavy duty use. Lighter, stronger and more durable than comparable products
  • Uses hinged lid to make adding/changing cables very quick and easy
  • Very low profile design decreases trip risk significantly compared to other higher profile products
  • Identical size allows progressive upgrade for existing customers.
  • Connecting System: integrated male-female allowing Cable Guards to any length desired
  • Patented 5 bar tread surface provides maximum traction for the Heavy Duty Cable Guards
    Inbuilt carry handle makes the Heavy Duty Cable Guards easy to carry one Cable Guard in each hand
  • Heavy Duty Cable Guards are cost-effective
  • Heavy Duty Cable Guards have a 2 year warranty


Cable Safety Equipment

CableSafe® Safety solutions are critical cable essentials and are well proven construction safety products. The CableSafe® range of cable hooks can be used during maintenance, turnaround, outages, shutdowns, construction work to suspend cables and hoses and other work gear and equipment from the working space.

Cable Safety Equipment | Cable Stand | Cable Bridge | Cable Rail | Cable Guard | Dropped Object Prevention Mats

Cable Safety Equipment | Cable Stand | Cable Bridge | Cable Rail | Cable Guard | Dropped Object Prevention Mats


Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute an extensive range of Safety Tools designed to minimise hand or finger injuries by keeping hands out of the line of fire.

Over a quarter of a million people suffer serious hand injuries each year. The Hand Safety Tool Company works hard to help to reverse that trend by creating Push Pull Tools that keep hands off and away from potential injury areas.

Hand Safety Tool Company

The range of Safety Products are the result of numerous conversations and in-field encounters over the last decade with key Health & Safety Officers and “boots-on-the-ground personnel” to ensure each tool produced does the most important job of all – helps every user to keep their hands. 


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