Road Lighting Feeder Pillars

Published 07 Jun 2017

Feeder Pillars

T&D Main UK Suppliers Of Lucy Zodion Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars

Case Study 1

Working with the M&E Contractor and their Consultant Engineers, T&D have supplied road lighting feeder pillars to provide reliable low voltage power distribution to an urban design and infrastructure project predicted to deliver £74.2m in gross value added to the local economy in South Yorkshire.

For further information about the complete range of pillars please see Lucy Fortress Feeder Pillars.

Lucy Zodion Fortress 12-HDP-3 Feeder Pillar Specification

  • Height Above Ground 1294mm
  • Root Section 350mm
  • Width 1100mm
  • Depth 400mm
  • Door Opening Height 1007mm
  • Door Opening Width 1000mm
  • Working Depth 375mm
  • Pillar Backboard Size 1080x1075mm
Road Lighting Feeder Pillars

Fortress Feeder Pillars From Lucy Zodion : Galvanised & Stainless Steel 20+ Sizes

Feeder Pillars Features & BenefitsRoad Lighting Feeder Pillars

The road lighting feeder pillars were supplied by T&D with anti-vandal lock, detachable root section and painted to RAL9005 Abcite Black colour scheme.

Abcite thermoplastic powder coatings provide tough, impact resistant protection for outdoor pillars without a primer undercoat – excellent corrosion and UV protection.

Project Details: Advanced Manufacturing and Research Centre Campus (AMRC2), Sheffield UK – 860,000 sq ft of advanced manufacturing and research space, 468,000 sq ft for a residential training centre and conferencing and 16,000 sq ft for outdoor and indoor recreation. The original University-backed AMRC on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) now comprises more than 40 companies including Rolls-Royce and Boeing – a nucleus of innovation, research and technology designed for collaboration and rapid commercialisation.

Feeder Pillars - Road Lighting

The feeder pillars will distribute power to the exterior lighting columns

Feeder Pillars - Lucy Zodion Westminster

Lucy Zodion Westminster Feeder Pillars – retractable in-ground “pop-up” power pillars

Feeder Pillars

T&D distribute the complete range of Lucy Zodion feeder pillars for low voltage power distribution to the building services, rail, construction, utilities, oil and gas, retail and leisure, ports, airports and heavy industries – GRP, cast iron, galvanised and stainless steel types customised to your application:

  • Pre-Wired Power Distribution Panels (Outdoor IP65 & Underground Retractable)
  • Substation Power, Cable Distribution & LV Interconnection Panels (Onshore Wind)
  • DNO Single & 3 Phase Network Pillars (25A-800A)
  • Network Rail & Electrification – Station & Trackside Pillars (incl. London Underground)
  • Low Voltage Connections – New Housing & Commercial Development Pillars (LV)
  • Defence Estates MoD – Load Shedding Fuse Pillars
  • Lighting Feeder Pillars – Street, Road, Flood, Sports Stadium & Car Parks
  • BT Telecommunications & Interface Pillars
  • Environment Agency – Rivers, Coastal & Waterways
  • Cast Iron Electrical Distribution Pillars – National Heritage & Historic Buildings
  • Also: Street Lighting Cut Outs

➡ For further information about how Lucy Zodion provide control and power distribution products for street lighting applications, please review the Lucy Titan (Cut-outs) and Lucy Trojan (Isolators) ranges of products.

➡ Contact us to discuss how T&D and Lucy Zodion can provide innovative custom design solutions and ex stock delivery of standard feeder pillars to your project.

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