DIN 46234 Solderless Terminals

Published 04 Sep 2018

DIN 46234 Solderless Terminals & Cable Lugs

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Terminating & Crimping Cables To DIN SPEC

What Is DIN Standard or SPEC?

DIN, the German Institute for Standardisation, founded in 1917 is the independent platform for standardisation in Germany and worldwide – for DIN Standard cable lugs the scope is similar to British Standard BS7609 providing quality and safety guidance for electrical cable termination, connection and also crimping cables.

A DIN Specification, or DIN SPEC, is a document that specifies requirements for products, services and/or processes. However, in contrast to standards, DIN SPECs do not require full consensus and the involvement of all stakeholders. These DIN Specifications or SPEC’s are drawn up in temporary bodies called workshops. DIN SPECs are a trusted strategic instrument for quickly and easily establishing and disseminating innovative solutions into the electrical industry market.

Solderless terminals used for cable terminations to conform to the DIN 46234 standard must satisfy specific application, dimensional and marking requirements – the main application for solderless terminals is to connect, terminate or crimp round type multi, fine and superfine stranded conductors.

Note: DIN 46234 solderless terminals are not suitable for the termination or for use with single-stranded solid conductors – please refer to compression or crimp cable lugs to DIN 46235 for this particular application.

The conductor cross-sections of solderless terminals to DIN 46234 range from 0.5sqmm to 240sqmm, the bore diameter for the connecting bolt from M2 to M16 stud holes.

Solderless terminals are used in panel building and control cabinet manufacturing.

Similar to conventional crimp/compression and tubular cable lugs the solderless terminals are manufactured from electrolytic copper. For production, however, a different source material is used: while compression cable lugs are manufactured from tubes, solderless terminals are made from copper sheets. So by virtue of their design, rounded and soldered from a metal sheet, they have a distinctive soldered joint.

The quality of the soldered joint is key to the crimp result.

Poor-quality soldered joints carry the risk of opening during the crimping process.

Unlike the compression cable lug to DIN 46235, solderless terminals are not processed by hexagonal crimping, but instead by indent crimping.

Klauke manufactures various cable crimping tools to install cable lugs, connectors and splices to both DIN 46235 and DIN 46234 standard – please call us to discuss your specific application or review the catalogue downloads below.

Solderless Terminals

Solderless Terminals


Solderless Terminal Crimped With Indent Crimp


Cable Lug 3

Solderless Lug Crimped Terminal With Indent Crimping Die

Solderless Terminals

Klauke are a market-leading manufacturer of electrical connection products including copper connectors and solderless terminals for round conductors including to DIN EN 60228 Class 2, 5 and 6.

Klauke terminals with grooved profiles for improved electrical contact are tin-plated to protect the terminals against corrosion. Suitable for the following nominal cross section area conductors (sqmm): 0.5-1sqmm, 1.5-2.5sqmm, 25sqmm, 4-6sqmm, 35sqmm, 50sqmm, 70sqmm, 95sqmm, 120sqmm, 150sqmm, 185sqmm and 240sqmm.

Manufactured from copper with a high quality brazing process in the cable crimp area.

DIN 46234

Terminal Ends for Solderless Connections: Ring Type, Without Insulating Sleeve, For Copper Conductors

  • Standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German National Standard), 03/01/1980
Cable Lugs

DIN 46234 Standard Solderless Terminals – Manufactured by Klauke

Crimping Cables, Lugs & Tools

Thorne & Derrick distribute Cable Lugs & Cable Connectors to terminate, splice and joint LV MV HV cables – this includes copper, aluminium and bi-metallic connectors and a complete range of crimping tools for specific use on all Low, Medium & High Voltage cable types.

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