MV HV Cable Laying, Installation & Support Products | Offshore Windfarms

Published 22 Jan 2020

MV HV Cable Laying, Installation & Support Products | Offshore Windfarms

MV HV Cable Laying, Installation & Support Products | Offshore Windfarms

Cable Laying, Installation

& Support Products

Courtesy Slingco – Manufacturer of Cable Pulling & Support Products

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Slingco has developed a range of cable socks and cable grips tailored for the support and installation of LV MV HV cables in the renewable energy sector:

  • Cable installation – offshore and onshore
  • Cable support inside wind turbines
  • Cable management


These cable socks incorporate special features for wind turbines. With rounded copper ferrules, the cable pulling socks offer reduced cable contact for high vibration environments while still allowing excellent working loads and LV MV HV cable support.


Galvanised steel type cable grips are extremely heavy duty and suitable for large diameter underwater cable installation. Available in single eye, double eye lace closing and double eye, sizes range from 4 inches to over 20 inches. Special application cable socks are manufactured to order.

Option 1 – Limited Lay Down

Galvanised cable grips with aluminium ferrules are suitable for cable installation / loading and typically used for OSS pull in.

Option 2 – Limited Lay Down / Wet Storage

Galvanised grips with galvanised steel ferrules for installation / loading with limited wet storage that can be further extended for longer wet storage with the addition of an anode.

Option 3 – Lay Down / Wet Storage up to 1000 Hours

Stainless steel cable grips with stainless steel ferrules for laying and limited wet storage up to <1000 hours, subject to inspection after such time elapsed.

Option 4 –  Lay Down / Wet Storage over 1000 Hours

Non-metallic grips in Aramid for used for cable laying and wet storage applications over >1000 hours, these would be the preference of the leading installation contractors based in the Netherlands and Europe, degradation was not seen other than some signs of salt on the surface. Non-metallic cable grips are specified to provide safe cable handling and are used for offshore saltwater environments when prolonged lay down durations are required.


Mainly used where a ‘typical’ cable sock cannot be fitted over a connector at the end of a cable, ‘L-type’ cable socks are used in cable pulling when the end is not accessible. The mesh is wrapped around the cable, then closed with the wire lace provided.

MV HV Windfarm

MV HV Windfarm

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Complete range of LV, MV and HV cable pulling products for installation and enabling cable jointing in trench or ducts including LV, 11kV/33kV medium voltage (MV), 66kV/132kV high voltage (HV) and EHV transmission and distribution cables up to 400kV.

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