Drum Heating & Cable Straightening Jackets For 132kV Extra High Voltage Cable Terminations

Published 30 Nov 2017

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  • Application: Drum Heating & Cable Heating HV EHV 
  • Drum Heater Type: Heating Jacket For Silicone Oil Drums
  • Contractor: Matthew Taffs (CRS Ltd) – EHV Cable Jointer & Director 
  • Featured Manufacturer: Prysmian 132kV Click Fit Cable Terminations XLPE
  • Featured Product: Thorne & Derrick Drum Heater HF5-D
  • Extra High Voltage Cable Type: 132kV Prysmian Single Core XLPE 800sqmm

Terminating 132kV Cables

Cable Oil & Drum Heating

Drum Heaters

Drum Heaters

Cable heating jackets are initially used to heat the EHV cable to enable relaxing and straightening of the high voltage power cable prior to cable preparation and stripping using cable jointing tools – typically the cable heaters provide a stable temperature of 85 degrees Celsius (185F) for at least 12 hours to the XLPE cable to improve cable manipulation for the HV jointer.

Straightening tubes are then applied to the heated cable and allowed to cool.

The following day cable jointing commences.

The drum heating jacket is applied around the oil drum (silicone oil) and heated to a temperature between 105 – 115 degrees Celsius.

This is done firstly and most importantly to ensure there is no moisture in the oil and secondly to make the oil thinner so it can be pumped into the high voltage cable termination. Once the oil has reached a temperature exceeding 105 degrees Celsius the cable jointer can check with a flash light the condition of the oil.

The heated oil should remain clear with no signs of bubbles, white clouds or foaming.

The oil is then pumped from the drum into the cable terminations insulator to a measurement given on the drawing/ cable jointing instruction. Once the insulator is full to the required measurements, the top is then bolted on and then the cable jointer must press crimp the connector using hexagonal process (HEX) at the correct positions.

T&D supply an extensive range of High Voltage Jointing & Electrical Equipment to enable cable lubrication, cable pulling and installation of 66kV/132kV power cable systems – this includes 132kV surge arresters for electrical protection against overvoltages caused by lightning strike and switching operations.

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Cable Drum Heaters

Pictured: T&D drum heater providing consistent and stable electric surface heating to oil drums for EHV cable termination installations.

Drum Heating Cable Heating HV EHV 132kV

132kV Cable Termination 1

In order to achieve the required drum heating temperature of 100+ degrees Celsius the heater jacket was used in conjunction with a base drum heater to accelerate the high temperature heating requirement of the oil – you can see the plate of the base drum heater in the photo below.

132kV Cable Termination 2

Cable Repair Services Ltd

CRS are predominately a reactive cable faults and services team specialising in repairing high voltage fluid filled cables.

CRS have a wealth of experience maintaining, repairing, jointing, terminating and fault-finding on all types of HV fluid filled cable systems ranging from 33kV to 400kV.

All CRS operatives have been trained to the highest standards by companies such as BICC, Prysmian and Balfour Beatty and are able to undertake jobs safely and efficiently while remaining cost effective. Their highly skilled Cable Jointing and Oil Technicians have the capability to joint both polymeric (XLPE) and fluid filled cables up to and including 400kV.

Additional cable services include PILC cable jointing (11kV-66kV), HP gas jointing (66kV-132kV), pilot cable jointing, joint bay refurbishment, cable sheath repairs, serving faults, cable fluid leak locating, gauge calibration and circuit fluid pressurisation.

Confined Spaces Cable Jointing

CRS Cable Repair Services Ltd (CRS Ltd) – trained staff have completed course training to comply with UK Power Network (UKPN) types A,B & C confined spaces.

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