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Published 25 Jan 2021

Silver Fox FIB Thermal Printer Kit

Silver Fox FIB Thermal Printer Kit

Silver Fox

Fox-in-a-Box Thermal Printer Kit

Cable Labelling System

Silver Fox are the leading UK manufacturer of cable labels.

Silver Fox produce the world’s most powerful labelling system for cables, wires and electrical equipment via their Fox-In-A-Box® thermal printing kit.

Thorne & Derrick are Main Distributors for Silver Fox and are well placed to support the needs of professional engineers in all the different energy sectors and across the globe. Although, detailed support this is not strictly needed with Silver Fox as it is easy to install and operate – the easiest on the market.

Plus, Silver Fox also supply comprehensive videos showing how to set up the printer and load the labels. We’ve watched them at Thorne and Derrick, and they are very impressive.

The Silver Fox labelling range covers – LV MV HV power, telecom, data, signal, network and fibre optic cables.

Cable Labelling Features & Benefits

High specification labels for cables have been independently tested for salt mist spray, heat, high and low temperature and even H2S. There are also more specific tests for example for their LSZH range for, oxygen index, smoke emission and toxicity.

Their Fox-Flo tie-on cable labels have even been successfully independently tested for a world-leading 8000 hours accelerated UV ageing and then successfully flexed on a 3 mm mandrels. These are ideal for all aspects of labelling both internal and external.

Quality Tested and Approved Cable Labels 

  • Low Temperature -40°C
  • High Temperature up to 70°C- 100°C depending on cable label type
  • Chemical | Solvent Resistance Test
  • H2S Sour Gas Exposure
  • Fox-Flo tie-on UV Weathering ISO4982 Part 3 Method A Cycle 1
  • Fox-Flo tie-on/Legend Heatshrink Smoke, Toxic Fumes & Oxygen Index T
  • Network Rail Approved
  • London Underground

Productivity Significant time benefits eg: 25,000 wire markers printed in 4 hours

Versatility     One printer, one ribbon, one software – all thermal labels

Simplicity Quick + easy to install and operate – “turn time into profit”

Silver Fox cable labels are used globally in the Oil & Gas, Renewables, and Nuclear sectors. Providing permanent and legible cable labelling of LV HV power, control and service cables in switchgear, control panels and substations.

3 Options

The Fox-In-A-Box® cable label system is available in three levels which offer increased software functionality for the DTP1/300 thermal printer – Basic, Advanced and Professional.

The Basic Fox-In-A-Box® allows users to create their own thermal cable labels, whilst the Advanced package adds the ability to accept or merge one or more columns in CSV files and to split the wire or cable label into more than one line.

It also allows the user to override the auto-font sizing and manually set this as required and to print from 2 rolls at the same time halving the label printing time and the print ribbon capacity.

The Professional model adds further functionality allowing the user to view and select individual or groups of cells for importing, duplicate cable ID’s, amend the number of labels required for each cable ID or produce cross ferruling ID and even print both ends of a wire at the same time.

Additionally, the Professional Fox-In-A-Box® can print bar codes and QR codes and import graphics for use such as printing warning signs on cable labels.

 ➡ Basic

Entry Level starter pack with Labacus® Innovator Basic software to print all of the thermal range of Silver Fox cable labels, the software also includes templates for all our laser range

  • Cut and paste from spreadsheets straight into the software
  • Automated USB port identification
  • Seamlessly change between cable label types

 ➡ Advanced

Mid-range cable labelling pack includes Labacus® Innovator Advanced Software.

All functionality of the Basic plus:

  • From CSV Spreadsheet – Import single columns/merge multiple columns
  • Multiple line labels
  • Choose your own font size
  • Print 2 rolls of heat-shrink/non-shrink at same time

 ➡ Professional

Top end solution cable labelling system includes Labacus® Innovator Professional Software.

All functionality of the Advanced plus:

  • Full spreadsheet view/import
  • Select specific cells
  • Produce cross ferrules
  • Variable quantity duplication for each cable ID
  • Bar Codes and QR Codes
  • Import graphics and logos onto labels for asset management
Order Code  Printer Model Labacus Software
FIAB-BAS DTP-1/300 Basic
FIAB-ADV DTP-1/300 Advanced
FIAB-PRO DTP-1/300 Professional


All Silver Fox Thermal Labels are printed using One Software, One Printer and One Ribbon – better for you – better for the environment.

Overview of Silver Fox Cable Labelling Products 

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