Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box Thermal Printer Cable Labelling Starter Kit

Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box Thermal Printer Cable Labelling Starter Kit

Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box Thermal Printer Cable Labelling Starter Kit

The Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box is the complete labelling solution. The cable labelling starter kits are a cost effective way to produce cable labels quickly and easily.

Silver Fox DTP-1/300 offer 3 levels of Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer kit:

  • Fox-in-a-Box Basic
  • Fox-in-a-Box Advanced
  • Fox-in-a-Box Professional

Fox-in-a-Box Basic

Entry Level starter pack with Labacus Innovator. Basic software to print all our thermal range, the software also includes templates for all our laser range.

  • Cut and paste from spreadsheets straight into the software
  • Automated USB port identification
  • Seamlessly change between label types

Fox-in-a-Box Advanced

Mid-range labelling pack includes Labacus® Innovator Advanced Software. All functionality of the Basic plus:

  • From CSV Spreadsheet – Import single columns/merge multiple columns
  • Multiple line labels
  • Choose your own font size
  • Print 2 rolls of heat-shrink/non-shrink at same time


Top end solution includes Labacus® Innovator Professional Software. All functionality of the Advanced plus:

  • Full spreadsheet view/import
  • Select specific cells
  • Produce cross ferrules
  • Variable quantity duplication for each cable ID
  • Bar Codes and QR Codes
  • Import graphics onto labels
  • Special Professional satellite
Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box Thermal Printer Kit

Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box Thermal Printer Kit

The same thermal printer and ribbon are shared at all levels. This common platform protects your investment and ensures the Silver Fox solution is easy and straightforward to use while at the same time offering a seamless upgrade from one level to another.

The same software that drives Fox-in-a-Box also includes our laser templates. These templates cover our full range of laser labels. Print laser labels with any standard office laser printer.

Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box Cable Labels

All Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box options print cable labels quickly and easily. The complete labelling starter packs include:

  • Plug’N’Play Thermal Printer
  • Labacus Innovator Advanced Software
  • Thermal Ribbon
  • Sample Thermal Labels
  • Free Technical Support Service

All Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box starter kits are suitable for printing the following thermal labels:

  • Tie-on Cable Labels
  • Heatshrink Tubing
  • Non-shrink Tubing
  • Wrap-around labels
  • 2-Part Labelling System

Standard, Advanced and Professional software kits include all templates for both our thermal cable labels and laser cable labels. The laser range can be printed on any ordinary office printer.

Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box Technical Information

Printer: DTP-1 300dpi thermal printer
Software: Labacus Innovator Basic / Advanced / Professional
Ribbon: TSR3/300 300m thermal ribbon
Cable: USB printer cable
Manual: Quick start guide
Support: Full technical support

Silver Fox Thermal Cable Labels

This video highlights the range of thermal labels that can be printed by the Silver Fox DTP-1 thermal printer.

Silver Fox Legend 25,000 Labels Printed In 4 Hours

Silver Fox Legend 25,000 Labels Printed In 4 Hours

How To Print 25,000 Cable Labels In 4 Hours

Arabian Falcon Sales Manager, Nirmal Rajesh, describing how the Silver Fox Thermal printer was able to print out 25,000 non-shrink labels in just 4 hours.

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