Modula Access Chamber

Modula Access Chamber


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Modula is a range of modular and structural preformed Access Chamber Systems from the STAKKABOX range of access chambers. The STAKKAbox Modula Access Chamber is moulded in PP and features excellent strength-to-weight properties. Modula is suitable for use in applications around carriageway and foot-way environments.

How do access chambers work? STAKKAbox™ Modula is made from 150mm deep riser sections which stack and interlock to offer flexibility in finished chamber depths.

Installation of Cubis' Modula Access Chamber

Installation of Cubis’ Modula Access Chamber

STAKKAbox Modula

Access Chambers

modula ACCess chamber

Features & Benefits

Variability in Size

The STAKKAbox™ Modula, manufactured by Cubis, can be used to create a vast number of sizes due to its versatile component design. This provides access chambers with clear opening from 150 x 150mm up to 1200 x 1200mm. Access chambers are built to required depth by adding 150mm sections.

Fast And Easy to Install

STAKKAbox™ chambers are significantly faster to install than conventional alternatives, with complete installations typically taking under an hour. This results in reduced costs for the installer. No specialist equipment or plant is required in order to install the chamber and there is no need for specialist box builders.

Flexible During Installation

Chambers can be adapted to suit on-site conditions with standard tools to overbuild over existing networks, introduce duct entries for cable entry and for top-section fine adjustment.

Manufactured from Recycled Material

Due to STAKKAbox™ Modula being largely composed of high-grade recycled material, it enables end users to reach sustainability targets. In addition, Modula is completely recyclable at the end of its life.

Smooth Outer Walls

Gaps in the outer wall will negatively impact the effectiveness of compaction around the chamber. STAKKAbox™ chambers have smooth outer walls and an outer lip which keys into the backfill.


Due to the twin-wall design, individual sections of the access chambers are light meaning they can be manually lifted easily. Each access chamber has both vertical and horizontal ribs, resulting in a product that is strong vertically as well as on the sidewall. Most installations do not require specialist backfills, reducing installation costs.

Flat Pack Option

Cubis STAKKAbox Modula can be supplied in ‘flat pack’ format for more efficient shipping.

Cubis STAKKAbox Modula Access Chamber

Cubis STAKKAbox Modula Access Chamber


How The modula Access chamber Works

STAKKAbox™ Modula is available in two types of profile: Solid Ring and Component.

Component sections are built from combining corner pieces and sidewall pieces to provide a wide number of clear opening sizes.  Parts are connected using a connector piece and stacked in sections to the required depth.

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Chamber MaterialsModula Access Chamber

Polypropylene Access Chamber

The STAKKAbox™ Modula system is moulded in talc-filled recycled Polypropylene (PP) which possesses excellent strength to weight properties. Each section is ribbed internally to improve loading performance.





Modula Access Chamber

Access Chamber Sizes

STAKKAbox™ Modula can be used to create a large number of sizes due to its component design.

Cubis offers a huge range of chamber dimensions due to the large number of standard sections and the variability offered by the system.

Modula access chambers have a clear opening from 150 x 150 up to 1200 x 1200.

Ring sections are built by combining corners (which provide 75 mm or 150 mm to the sidewall length) and sidewall pieces.

Sidewall pieces measure 100 mm, 150 mm, 300 mm, 375 mm, 450 mm and 600 mm.



Modula Access Chamber

Load Rating

STAKKAbox™ Modula is suitable for installation in environments rated to D400 under EN124.

Suitable for carriageways, roads and areas open to commercial vehicles.




Access Chamber

Technical Specification

modula Size


Product Code

150 x 150 1.9 kg CPMORS-01500150
300 x 300 3.9 kg CPMORS-03000300
300 x 300 Pre-drilled 2.6 kg CPMODE-03000300
450 x 300 4.9 kg CPMORS-04500300
450 x 450 4.9 kg CPMORS-04500450
600 x 450 5.7 kg CPMORS-06000450
600 x 600 6.4 kg CPMORS-06000600
750 x 300 5.4 kg CPMORS-07500300
750 x 600 8.3 kg CPMORS-07500600
750 x 750 9.3 kg CPMORS-07500750
900 x 450 8.0 kg CPMORS-09000450
900 x 600 9.3 kg CPMORS-09000600
900 x 900 11.0 kg CPMORS-09000900
1200 x 600 10.9 kg CPMORS-12000600
1200 x 675 11.3 kg CPMORS-12000675
1200 x 900 12.6 kg CPMORS-12000900
1200 x 1200 14.2 kg CPMORS-12001200

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