Stokbord Cable Covers – 33kV Cable Protection For Underground MV-HV Cable Trench

Stokbord Cable Covers – 33kV Cable Protection For Underground MV-HV Cable Trench

Cable Protection Covers


Stokbord Cable Covers from Centriforce provide heavy duty, high impact, underground cable protection for fibre optic, low voltage, high voltage (11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 66kV) and extra high voltage (132kV-400kV) power cable networks.

Manufactured from high impact 100% recycled polyethylene sheet, Stokbord cable covers provide high visibility and easy installation making them the top choice for utility protection applications, particularly those involving high voltage cables.

The cable covers are available in a range of distinctive colours and feature bold warning text to ensure that they are visible during construction projects. You will be able to specify the colour and preferred text sizes when placing an order, with personalised text options also possible but dependent on minimum order quantities being met. Contact T&D for more information.

Not only are Stokbord Cable Covers highly visible and able to withstand large impacts, they are also waterproof and rot proof regardless of acidic or alkaline soil types.

Cable covers are fully jointed, laid overlapped and held firm with plastic jointing pegs – a direct replacement for concrete cable covers and steel plate.

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Stokbord Cable Covers

Features & Specification

There are many benefits over steel and concrete cable covers / tiles / plates:

  • Clear visual warnings – Available in a range of bright colours and with bold warning text
  • Proven high impact resistance – Does not shatter on impact
  • Customisable – Available in a variety of colours and with personalised text subject to minimum order quantity being received
  • Long lasting – Rot-resistant and chemically inert meaning a long service life
  • Hitting high standards –High quality & proven cable protection solution which is manufactured to comply with industry specifications including ENA TS 12-23
  • Industry approved – Specified and approved by UK DNOs and National Grid
  • Internationally approved – Conforms to internationally recognised standards (e.g. BS 2484)

Cable Cover Length Width
1000mm 450mm
1000mm 300mm
1000mm 244mm
1000mm 152mm

Stokbord cover utility protection tiles are manufactured from high impact resistant recycled polyethylene. They can withstand damage from both hand tools and mechanical plant, plus they do not shatter on impact.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Plastic Cable Cover Protection

Stokbord Cable Covers offer a variety of benefits which are not available with traditional concrete underground utility and cable protection solutions.

One of the most obvious benefits are the cost saving, with Stokbord Cable Covers helping to reduce both transportation and handling costs in comparison to concrete cable protection solutions. It is also far more visible when applied thanks to the bright colours that it our plastic cable cover available in.

Stokbord Cable Cover comes in the form of our individual cable protection tiles which are designed to be easy to install for operators. This not only reduces the time required to apply the necessary levels of underground cable protection cover at the start of each project but also improves safety levels by during the time spent by workers in potentially hazardous trenches on-site.

These benefits are available without compromising on strength, with Stokbord Cable Cover undergoing significant impact testing to prove its practicality. Centriforce offers variations manufactured to conform to specifications laid out by the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) and the National Grid.


Stokbord Cable Protection Tiles for HV Power Cables

Stokbord Cable Protection Tiles for HV Power Cables

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