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RapidSTACK™ Access Chamber

RapidSTACK Access Chamber


Access Chambers

RapidSTACK chambers are a superior alternative to traditional engineering brickwork. With quick installation and a wide range of available sizes, the Cubis RapidSTACK access chamber is extremely cost effective and efficient.

How does it work? RapidSTACK™ Access Chambers are composed of sections of 150mm deep, and are designed to stack together to achieve the desired/ required depth.

Using pins, nuts and washers, sections are connected at each corner: inter-linking one section to the other using pre-drilled holes. Using four component parts to create each ring section, these components are stacked to the depth required.

RapidSTACK Installation

Installation of RapidSTACK™ Access Chamber


RapidSTACK ACCess chamber

Features & Benefits

Variability in Size

Cubis RapidSTACK can be used to create virtually any conceivable access chamber clear opening. With thanks to the large number of standard sections and system variability, RapidSTACK offers range of chamber dimensions to suit client needs.

Fast and Easy to Install

The Cubis RapidSTACK chamber is significantly faster to install than conventional alternatives – with complete installations typically taking under one hour. The fast installation properties of this access chamber results in reduced costs for the installer, with only the largest sizes in the RapidSTACK range requiring specialist equipment in order to install the chamber.


Flat Pack Access chamber

RapidSTACK chambers can be shipped to site in a flat pack format, allowing for flexibility in delivery and installation. We always work with clients to offer the best solution to meet their requirements.

FLEXIBLE Installation

Chambers can be adapted to suit on-site conditions with standard tools to build over existing networks.


Cubis RapidSTACK is fire retardant to BS476 Part 7 Class 2. The GRP material has been tested in accordance with ISO 4589-2 Oxygen Index Test.

Sectional Design Chamber

Chambers are built to the required depth by adding 150mm stackable sections. these sections are light, meaning they can be manually lifted. Each access chamber possesses vertical and horizontal ribs, resulting in a product that is strong vertically and on the sidewall. For most applications, RapidSTACK doesn’t require specialist back-fills, reducing installation costs.

RapidSTACK Access Chamber How It Works

RapidSTACK™ access chamber sections are 150mm deep


How The RapidSTACK Access chamber Works

RapidSTACK™ access chamber sections are 150mm deep, and are designed to stack together to achieve the desired depth.

Using pins, nuts and washers sections are connected at each corner, inter-linking one section to the other using the pre- drilled holes. Using 4 component parts to create each ring section these components are stacked to the depth required.

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Materialsrapidstack access chambe rmaterial

GRP Material

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), is a composite material, fibre-reinforced polymer made of a plastic reinforced by fine fibres made of glass.





rapidstack sizes

Available Sizes

Cubis Access Chambers are available in a variety of sizes to meet client needs.

RapidSTACK™ clear opening sizes are created by combining a range of standard length straight  pieces.

These straight lengths range in size from 450mm up to 2135mm and can be arranged to achieve a multitude of clear openings.






RapidSTACK+rapidstack plus

Cubis’ RapidSTACK+ solution offers a strong, resilient chamber system complete with composite cover, pre-drilled duct entry knock outs and removable central beam where necessary.








Cubis rapidstack load rating

Load Rating

RapidSTACK™ is suitable for installation in environments rated to D400 under EN124, in accordance with Cubis’ installation guidelines.

Suitable for carriageways of roads and areas open to commercial vehicles.








Access Chamber RapidSTACK

Technical Specification

RapidSTACK Size


Product Code

450mm x 450mm 10.4 kg CPRDRS-04500450
600mm x 450mm 12.0 kg CPRDRS-06000450
600mm x 600mm 13.6 kg CPRDRS-06000600
750mm x 600mm 15.2 kg CPRDRS-07500600
750mm x 675mm 16.0 kg CPRDRS-07500675
750mm x 750mm 17.0 kg CPRDRS-07500750
850mm x 850mm 17.2 kg CPRDRS-08500850
900mm x 600mm 16.4 kg CPRDRS-09000600
1000mm x 1000mm 23.8 kg CPRDRS-10001000
1220mm x 600mm 20.0 kg CPRDRS-12200600
1220mm x 675mm 20.0 kg CPRDRS-12200675
1220mm x 900mm 11.0 kg CPRDRS-12200900
1220mm x 1220mm 24.8 kg CPRDRS-12201220
1300mm x 850mm 20.8 kg CPRDRS-13000850
1500mm x 1500mm 34.0 kg CPRDRS-15001500
1800mm x 600mm 27.5 kg CPRDRS-18000600
1800mm x 1800mm 19.5 kg CPRDRS-18001800
2000mm x 2000mm 21.5 kg CPRDRS-20002000

For additional data sheets contact Thorne & Derrick, or visit Cubis’ technical library here

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