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ULTIMA Connect is the next generation in Access Chamber Systems from the STAKKABOX range of access chambers. Featuring a modular design with lightweight polymer manufactured materials, installation costs are reduced significantly compared to traditional brick type chambers.

How does it work? STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect access chambers are manufactured in 150mm deep sections that stack one on top of each other to reach the desire depth – ring section is castellated to positively interlock with the unit above and below.

The ULTIMA Connect Chamber System features a twinwall sectional design that is made up of GRP corner pieces and sidewall lengths. These parts are connected using a jointing peg to form a variety of clear opening sizes. With sidewall lengths used in conjunction with corner pieces, additional chamber sizes specified by the contractor can be made.

Ultima Connect Access Chamber

Installation Of Cubis’ ULTIMA Connect


STAKKAbox ULTIMA Connect Access Chambers

Access Chambers

ULTIMA Connect ACCess chamber

Features & Benefits

Variability in Size

ULTIMA Connect offers a huge range of access chamber dimensions thanks to the large number of standard sections and the variability offered by the ULTIMA Connect system.


Due to the sectional twinwall design and the GRP material, most ULTIMA Connect 150mm deep sections fall under 25kg in weight, making them suitable for a single person lift under manual handling regulations.

Flat Pack Access chamber

STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA can be shipped ‘flat packed’ to reduce shipping costs. A large chamber, as used on power stations or waste water treatment works, could be reduced to a number of pallets rather than occupying an entire truck.

Fast and Easy to Install

Cubis Ultima Connect Easy Install Access Chamber

ULTIMA Connect chambers are significantly faster to install than conventional alternatives, with complete installations typically taking up to one hour. This results in reduced costs for the installer. Only the largest sizes in the range require specialist equipment or plant in order to install the chamber.

Flexibility in Construction

Duct entries can be quickly and safely formed on site. Overbuilding or benching is easily achieved. Fine top level adjustment is possible by horizontally cutting the top section.


ULTIMA Connect offers the ability to offset joints between sections to provide a strong brickwork effect improving side wall performance.

Chemical Resistance

GRP outperforms traditional construction methods for chemical resistance during its buried life, resulting in a product that offers longer installed life.

Smooth Outer Walls

Gaps in the outer wall will negatively impact the effectiveness of compaction around the chamber. STAKKAbox™ chambers have smooth outer walls and an outer lip which keys into the backfill.

ULTIMA Connect Access Chamber How It Works

ULTIMA Connect – Offering A Unique Bespoke Solution


How The ULTIMA Connect Access chamber Works

ULTIMA Connect corner pieces are manufactured in left and right ‘handed’ designs, which offer the ability to offset joints between sections in order to provide a brick worked design. This offers strong sidewall performance to the installed chamber.

Jointed Pegs are inserted at each intersection to securely connect each component.

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Ultima Connect Modular And Scalable

Modular & Scalable

Cubis have manufactured large bespoke chambers for a number of high-profile construction projects including power stations, sports stadiums and city centre redevelopments.

The chambers can be utilised to accommodate high voltage joints and turns, large water valves or any other utility enclosure. Each chamber is fast and easy to install, flexible to adapt in production and on site and will have a much longer life than chambers installed using traditional methods.




Ultima Connect Access Chamber Materials

Access chamber Materials

GRP Material

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), is a composite material, fibre-reinforced polymer made of a plastic reinforced by fine fibres made of glass.

ULTIMA Connect is constructed from the same materials as ULTIMA, and provides identical technical performance.





Ultima Connect Available Sizes

Available Sizes

Vast range of sizes available to meet client requirements

ULTIMA Connect clear opening sizes are created by combining the corner pieces. This can include one or more sidewall pieces to offer a greater number of sizes.

The corner pieces are referred to by the internal length on the long side. This dimension will be 80mm shorter than the stated length as this is made up in the short length of the ‘corner piece’.




Ultima Connect Load Rating

Load Rating

STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect is suitable for installation in environments rated to E600 under EN124.

Suitable for areas imposing high wheel loads, e.g. docks, aircraft pavements.









Access Chamber ULTIMA Connect

Technical Specification

ULTIMA Connect Size


Product Code

600mm x 400mm 14.6 kg CPUCRS-06000400
600mm x 600mm 16.7 kg CPUCRS-06000600
675mm x 675mm 18.0 kg CPUCRS-06750675
750mm x 750mm 19.2 kg CPUCRS-07500750
900mm x 600mm 19.4 kg CPUCRS-09000600
900mm x 900mm 22.2 kg CPUCRS-09000900
1000mm x 600mm 20.3 kg CPUCSN-10000600
1000mm x 1000mm 24.0 kg CPUCRS-10001000
1200mm x 400mm 20.7 kg CPUCRS-12000400
1200mm x 600mm 22.2 kg CPUCRS-12000600
1200mm x 675mm 22.9 kg CPUCRS-12000675
1200mm x 750mm 23.4 kg CPUCRS-12000750
1200mm x 800mm 24.2 kg CPUCRS-12000800
1200mm x 900mm 24.9 kg CPUCRS-12000900
1200mm x 1000mm 25.9 kg CPUCRS-12001000
1200mm x 1100mm 28.0 kg CPUCRS-12001100
1200mm x 1200mm 28.0 kg CPUCRS-12001200
1300mm x 1300mm 34.0 kg CPUCRS-13001300
1350mm x 900mm 29.0 kg CPUCRS-13500900
1500mm x 750mm 27.0 kg CPUCRS-15000750
1500mm x 900mm 28.0 kg CPUCRS-15000900
1500mm x 1200mm 31.0 kg CPUCRS-15001200
1500mm x 1500mm 34.0 kg CPUCRS-15001500
1600mm x 400mm 26.4 kg CPUCRS-16000400
1800mm x 800mm 31.5 kg CPUCRS-18000800
1800mm x 900mm 33.0 kg CPUCRS-18000900
1800mm x 1200mm 36.0 kg CPUCRS-18001200
1800mm x 1500mm 38.0 kg CPUCRS-18001500
1800mm x 1800mm 43.0 kg CPUCRS-18001800
1900mm x 800mm 30.5 kg CPUCRS-19000800
1900mm x 900mm 31.4 kg CPUCRS-19000900
1900mm x 1200mm 35.0 kg CPUCRS-19001200
1900mm x 1500 mm 38.0 kg CPUCRS-19001500
1900mm x 1900mm 40.6 kg CPUCRS-19001900
2000mm x 600mm 50.8 kg CPUCSN-20000600
2000mm x 900mm 53.6 kg CPUCRS-20000900
2000mm x 1200mm 37.0 kg CPUCRS-20001200
2000mm x 1500mm 39.9 kg CPUCRS-20001500
2000mm x 2000mm 86.0 kg CPUCRS-20002000
2200mm x x2200mm 50.0 kg CPUCRS-22002200
2250mm x 750mm 37.0 kg CPUCRS-22500750
2300mm x 750mm 38.0 kg CPUCRS-23000750
2400mm x 1600mm 97.0 kg CPUCRS-24001600
2500mm x 1200mm 61.0 kg CPUCRS-25001200
2500mm x 1500mm 64.0 kg CPUCRS-25001500
2500mm x 2500mm 111.4 kg CPUCRS-25002500
2900mm x 900mm 61.9 kg CPUCRS-29000900
2900mm x 1200mm 64.4 kg CPUCRS-29001200
2900mm x 1500mm 67.4 kg CPUCRS-29001500
3000mm x 1200mm 48.0 kg CPUCRS-30001200
3000mm x 3000mm 146.0 kg CPUCRS-30003000
3200mm x 2200mm 64.0 kg CPUCRS-32002200
3200mm x 3200mm 77.0 kg CPUCRS-32003200
3500mm x 1500mm 94.3 kg CPUCRS-35001500
4000mm x 800mm 55.7 kg CPUCRS-40000800
4000mm x 900mm 55.6 kg CPUCRS-40000900
4100mm x 1700mm 138.0 kg CPUCRS-41001700
5200mm x 1400mm 76.0 kg CPUCFP-52001400
6000mm x 3000mm 238.0 kg CPUCRS-60003000

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ULTIMA Connect Access Chambers

ULTIMA Connect Access Chambers | The Nemo Link® is a truly international collaboration in the construction of a High Voltage Electrical Interconnector between the UK and Belgium’s electricity grids. Consisting of subsea and underground power cables connected to converter stations within each country, the HV cables distribute electricity in either direction. Cubis Systems was selected to provide a HV receiver and diversion chamber system – this resulted in the delivery of 152nr 1.5m up to 2.6m ‘flat pack’ STAKKAbox ULTIMA Connect chamber systems for construction in-situ on site.

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