Balata Straps – Cable Straps To Support Rail Cables (LU & Network Rail Approved)

Balata Straps

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Cable Straps To Support Rail Cables

Balata Straps are polyester cable straps designed to provide a secure, reliable and robust cable supporting method suitable for use in all outdoor railway environments.

The cable straps are typically attached to fixing studs and used to support fibre optic, signalling and 11kV/22kV medium/high voltage power cables.

Used for supporting MV, LV, signalling and communication cables across the existing Balata cable containment found throughout the London Underground (LUL) rail network.

Balata straps meet Powerlink and London Underground specifications for securing, strapping and supporting cables on the existing containment systems across bridges – this includes LV, MV, HV power and pilot cable support.

Thorne & Derrick distribute an extensive range of cable strap, clamps and cleats with Network Rail and London Underground (TfL) approval to support and retain rail cables distributing low, medium and high voltage electricity, including 11kV 33kV MV HV.

Balata StrapsLondon Underground Cable Cleats

  • Fast and simple installation
  • Meets Powerlink and London Underground requirements for securing LV, MV, Pilot, Signalling and Comms cables on the existing containment systems across bridges
  • Provides a flexible cable containment that allows movement during expansion and contraction
  • No tools required, just place around the cable and hook the strap ends over the steel studs
  • Suitable for all rail cable types
  • No sharp edges to damage cable sheaths
  • Polyester has excellent UV resistant properties, high break capacity and is suitable for all weather conditions
Balata Cable Straps To Support Rail Cables (LU & Network Rail Approved)

Balata Cable Straps LUL London Underground Approved Cable Strapping & Support Systems

The Balata straps are available to suit all cable types:

Part NumberOverall Loop Circumference (mm)Strap Width (mm)Material TypeMaterial Thickness (mm)

The above information is for guidance only, other sizes can be made to order subject to MOQ.

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