LV Mains Service Branch Cable Joint Connectors

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LV Mains Service Branch Cable Joint Connectors – complete range of Sicame branch joint connectors using shearbolt technology for LV mains jointing of sector/round, stranded/solid, aluminium/copper conductor cores, 600/1000V cables.

Single and double mains service branch connectors for low voltage utility cable jointing applications:

  • ESI 09-7 : PVC Insulated Concentric Service Cable
  • ESI 09-8 : Impregnated Paper-Insulated 600/1000 Volt (CONSAC)
  • ESI 09-9 : Polymeric Insulated, Combined Neutral/Earth (Waveform)
  • BS6346 : PVC Insulated 600/1000 Volt Cable
  • BS6480 : Impregnated Paper Insulated Lead or Lead Alloy (PILC)

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LV Mains Service Branch Cable Joint Connectors

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