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MV Cable Connectors (North America Specification) for the straight and branch connecting of medium voltage (MV) power cables into cable joints and end-termination lugs for cable connections onto MV switchgear, transformers, busbars, bushings and studs.

Cable termination lugs for MV cables with #2, 4/0, 250kcmil, 500kcmil and 1000kcmil copper or aluminium conductors (circular stranded) – tested and approved to ANSI C119.4 Class 2 Partial Tension / IEEE 404.

Cable joint connectors suitable for medium voltage cables – this includes straight jointing connectors for circular stranded aluminium or copper conductors for all cable voltages up to and including 46kV with 250kcmil, 350kcmil, 500kcmil 750kcmil, 1000kcmil and 1250kcmil conductors.

Medium Voltage Cables

  • Copper Tape Shielded Cables (5kV 35kV)
  • LSZH Jacketed Copper Tape Shielded Cables (5kV 35kV)
  • Non-Shielded 2.4kV Single & 3 Core XLPE EPR Cables
  • Kerite Discharge Resistant Medium Voltage Cables (5kV 35kV)
  • MV Paper Insulated Lead Covered (PILC) Cables

MV Connectors

MV cable joints, terminations and connectors are available to suit Prysmian RiserTek, Armortek, Easy Glider, AirBag, AirGuard and Teck90 brand MV medium voltage cables – also Nexans AmerCable (including MMV Marine Medium Voltage, formerly Gexol).

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MV Connectors

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