Cable Duct Coils PE – Emtelle Powerprotect+ ENATS12-24

Cable Duct Coils PE - Emtelle Powerprotect+ ENATS12-24

Cable Duct Coils PE – Emtelle Powerprotect+ ENATS12-24

Cable Duct Coils PE are manufactured by Emtelle and supplied within an Integrated Management System, incorporating internationally recognised Standards including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 18001:2007.

The cable duct is designed to comply with ENATS 12-24 (2008) Industry Standard and can be supplied in SDR11 & SDR17 versions, both of which are suitable for shallow depth burial
installations. SDR11 duct can be used for aggressive installation methods such as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

The cable duct is printed with standard markings, plus any additional information required by the customer, to give durability and traceability after installation. Up to 3 lines of print 120˚ apart is possible.

All duct sizes are supplied on non-returnable wooden U-frames which are designed to be stored on even, stable ground; they must not be stored more than 3 high. Duct from 90mm OD up to 180mm OD can be supplied in coiled lengths.

Emtelle wall thicknesses are tighter than regulatory tolerances ensuring that lipping is reduced and improving the overall quality of joints. This reduces the likelihood of cable damage during installation.

The duct is designed to enable standard industry jointing methods such as Butt-fusion welding, Electrofusion, Push Fit Couplers and Mechanical Fittings.

Cable Duct Coils PE

Cable Duct Coils PE

Selected PE is used during manufacture to suit the required properties of the finished product.

Standard colours of cable duct are Black & Red skinned version.

Duct can also be extruded with four co-axial stripes for identification purposes. Other colours may be available upon request.

The table below shoes the nominal OD/ID, SDR version and coiled and straight lengths of the cable duct coils PE.

Nominal OD / IDS
Coiled Lengths (m)Straight Lengths
75mm / 60.7mm
1150/100/125/1506m, 12m
75mm / 65.4mm1750/100/125/1506m, 12m
90mm / 72.9mm1150/100/125/1506m, 12m
90mm / 78.6mm 1750/100/125/1506m, 12m
110mm / 89.2mm1150/100/125/1506m, 12m
110mm / 96.1mm1750/100/125/1506m, 12m
125mm / 101.4mm1150/100/125/1506m, 12m
125mm / 109.5mm1750/100/125/1506m, 12m
140mm / 113.6mm1150/100/1256m, 12m
140mm / 122.6mm 1750/100/1256m, 12m
160mm / 129.8mm1150/100/1256m, 12m
160mm / 140.2mm1750/100/1256m, 12m
180mm / 146.2mm1150/1006m, 12m
180mm / 157.7mm1750/1006m, 12m
200mm / 162.6mm11Not Available6m, 12m
200mm / 175.2mm 17Not Available6m, 12m
225mm / 182.9mm11Not Available6m, 12m
225mm / 197.2mm17Not Available6m, 12m
250mm / 203.5mm11Not Available6m, 12m
250mm / 219.4mm17Not Available6m, 12m
280mm / 227mm11Not Available6m, 12m
280mm / 245mm17Not Available6m, 12m
315mm / 254mm11Not Available6m, 12m
315mm / 276mm17Not Available6m, 12m
355mm / 288mm11Not Available6m, 12m
355mm / 311mm17Not Available6m, 12m
400mm / 324mm11Not Available6m, 12m
400mm / 351mm17Not Available6m, 12m
450mm / 364mm11Not Available6m, 12m
450mm / 422mm17Not Available6m, 12m
500mm / 405mm11Not Available6m, 12m
500mm / 438mm17Not Available6m, 12m

LV MV HV Cable Duct

11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV

Thorne & Derrick distribute a complete range of cable ducts for the protection of Low (LV), Medium (MV) and High (HV) cables.

ENATS12-24 Power Cable Duct From Emtelle - UK DNO Approved

ENATS12-24 Power Cable Duct From Emtelle – UK DNO Approved

The cable duct coils PE forms part of Emtelle’s Powerprotect+ duct systems that are now specified for all major DNO’s within UK and Ireland including UK Power Networks, Electricity North West, Northern Powergrid, Western Power Distribution, Scottish Power Electricity Networks, Scottish & Southern Electricity, Electricity Northern Ireland and Electricity Supply Board Ireland.

Emtelle cable duct provides underground cable protection to LV-HV cables, including UK DNO approved cable duct coils PE for 33kV high voltage power cable protection.

ENATS12-24 Power Cable Duct From Emtelle - UK DNO Approved

ENATS12-24 Power Cable Duct From Emtelle – UK DNO Approved | LV 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV Duct

Cable Pulling & Laying Equipment

Thorne & Derrick distribute an extensive range of Cable Pulling & Laying Equipment to enable the safe installation of fibre and copper cables within the LV MV HV power and telecommunications industry. Safely installed cables reduce operational and maintenance requirements to the network and reduced service interruption to power and telecom cables, wires, ducts, cabinets and exchanges – products include cable spiking tools, conduit rods, cable lubricant, cable socks and cable rollers for LV, MV (11kV/33kV) and HV (66kV/132kV) cables.

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