Cable TV Duct (Telecommunications)

Cable TV Duct (Telecommunications)

Cable TV Duct (Telecommunications)

Polypipe PVCu Cable TV Duct is specialist cable protection system designed specifically for the telecommunications industry and underground cable television communications protection.

PVCu Cable TV Duct is available in two inner diameter sizes of 49mm and 90mm and supplied in lengths of 6 metres.

Polypipe’s PVCu cable duct have integral sockets and a short 54mm branch on swept tees is available for easy installation in congested footways.

Telecommunications Cable Duct

Polypipe’s PVCu cable TV duct is tried and tested by the telecommunications industry and adheres to the strict dimensions and performance requirements. Telecommunications cable duct is green as standard to allow quick identification of the cable type within the duct – telecoms cable lubricant is available to ease the pulling of cable into duct without incurring damage and allowing smooth low friction cable pull.

T&D distribute a diverse range of Cable Pulling & Laying equipment for telecommunications applications.

Cable TV Duct (Telecommunications)

T&D stock an extensive range of Telecommunications products including feeder pillars, cut outs, isolators and conduit rods.

POlypipe PVCu Cable TV Duct – Features & Benefits

  • Durable, high quality cable TV ducting
  • Low co-efficient of friction for easy cable duct installation
  • A short 54mm branch on swept tees for trouble-free installation in congested footways
  • PVCu telecommunication ducts include integral sockets and are available in green as standard. Grey and other colours are also available on request subject to minimum order quantities and lead times
Cable TV Duct - Green Cable Ducting

Green cable duct meets the requirements of BS EN 50086 (Specification For Conduit Systems For Cable Management).

Polypipe PVCu Cable TV Duct – Product Range

Polypipe Cable Duct Product Code Inner Duct Diameter (mm) Outer Duct Diameter (mm) Length (m) Colours Pack Quantity
TD54X6 49mm 54mm 6m Green, Grey 400
TD96X6 90mm 160mm 6m Green, Grey 121
PVCu Cable TV Couplings
Product Code Description Colours Pack Quantity
TDC54G 54mm Green 10
TDSC54G 54mm Slip Green 10
TDC96G 96mm Green 50
TDSC96G 96mm Slip Green 50
PVCU Cable TV Swept Tees
Product Code Description Colours Pack Quantity
TDJT96X54G 96mm x 54mm Green 15
PVCu Cable Duct Repair Kit
Product Code Description Standard Length (m) Pack Quantity
DRK096 96mm Duct Repair Kit 0.5m 1
PVCU Cable TV Bends
Polypipe Product Code Cable | Duct Outer Diameter Angle º Colours Pack Quantity
TDB54X11G 54mm 11.25 Green 60
TDB54X22G 54mm 22.5 Green 60
TDB54X45G 54mm 45 Green 60
TDB54X90G 54mm 90 Green 50
TDB96X11(G/GR) 96.5mm 11.25 Green, Grey 15
TDB96X22(G/GR) 96.5mm 22.5 Green, Grey 15
TDB96X45(G/GR) 96.5mm 45 Green, Grey 15
TDB96X90(G/GR) 96.5mm 90 Green, Grey 10


Cable Ducts
Cable Duct

T&D distribute cable duct for power (LV MV HV), street lighting and motorway communications – Class 1, 2 & 3 ducts protect medium/high voltage cables operating at 11kV, 33kV and EHV up to 132kV.

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