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MV Cable Terminations Lugs – complete range of Sicame medium voltage cable termination lugs with “centre” or “offset” pads for cable connections to MV panels, switchgear, pillar and busbars.

The MV connectors use shearbolt technology to suit aluminium and copper conductors with sector shaped, stranded or solid cores, 600/1000V cables, up to 11kV.

Mechanical cable lugs are also used to terminate and connect 11kV stranded and solid 3 and 4 cored shaped conductors into cable boxes and switchgear, 16-400sqmm with M12 or M16 stud holes.

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Medium Voltage


Pfisterer Sicon offer a range of mechanical shearbolt cable connectors with stepless shear-off bolts providing the right connector for any applications. For years now, bolted clamps, connectors and cable lugs have been gaining ground as bolted connectors offer technical and practical advantages that compression technology cannot match.

Sicon bolted connectors are installed directly onto the ends of the conductor with a standard allen key aiding simple ans smooth installation. The innovative design of the stepless shear bolt allows installation regardless of the conductor type. Thanks to the special design of the bolt, optimal contact force is always achieved.

All Sicon connectors can be easily installed, even under tight spots. The bolt shears off smoothly when it is tightened. The remains stay in the tool and can be safely disposed of. The bolt always shears off at the top edge of the connector body. This way, there are no sharp protrusions. All edges of the connector body are rounded.

Every Sicon connector covers a wide cross-section range. This way, you always have the right connectors with on site. And even if during repair work it is unclear type of conductors must be connected and in which condition are they in, Sicon is the right choice. Sicon connectors are electrically/mechanically type-tested in accordance with IEC 61238-1 class.

Sicon shear bolt connectors can be manufactured to meet the customers unique specification. Please contact T&D for further information.

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MV Cable Terminations Lugs

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