Transformer Fuses – MV HV Fuses 3.3kV-33kV-36kV Transformers IEC ABB CEF

Transformer Fuses - MV HV Fuses 3.3kV-33kV-36kV Transformers IEC ABB CEF

Transformer Fuses – MV HV Fuses 3.3kV-33kV-36kV Transformers IEC ABB CEF


MV HV | Medium & High Voltage Electrical Circuit & Equipment Protection 

Distribution Transformers Protection up to 33kV/36kV

Rated Voltages |  3/7.2 kV – 20/36 kV
Rated Currents |  6.3 A – 200 A

ABB CEF transformers fuses are current-limiting fuses which are especially suited for compact MV-HV switchgear and for switch-fuse combinations, 3.6-36kV, 6-200A.

MV-HV fuses, manufactured by ABB, suitable for 3.3kV, 11kV and up to 33/36kV transformer applications in accordance with IEC specification.

ABB CEF transformer fuses have integrated thermal released striker pins allowing the fuse release to be temperature dependant and overload spots which significantly reduce the fuse temperature during the interruption process. The CEF fuse has a high capability up to 63kA and temperature control units increase application safety for gas insulated panels, switchgear and electrical equipment up to 33kV.

CEF current limiting fuses are back-up type medium voltage fuses which limit the value of prospective short-circuit currents during the interruption process and extended the life time of nearby installed electrical equipment. ABB CEF fuses when used in combination with load break switches equipped with fuse tripping system ensures control over the full range of overload and short-circuit currents.

Transformer Fuses - MV HV Fuses 3.3kV-33kV-36kV Transformers IEC ABB CEF

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ABB CEF Transformer Fuses

Features & Benefits

  • Unified voltage ratings for more application flexibility of medium voltage fuses
  • Integrated striker pin with temperature control unit (TCU) to prevent overheating in installation place
  • Overload spots control internal arc initiation and determine outstanding temperature performance
  • Single MV fuse version for both indoor and outdoor transformer operating conditions
  • Narrow tolerance of resistance for better fuse synchronising in three phase networks
  • Graved fuse data for long term fuse recognition
  • Welded current path secures stable electrical contacts with active breaking elements
  • Low minimum breaking current of transformer fuse
  • High breaking capacity in combination with fuse tripped load break switch offers competitive solution for short circuit currents interruption
  • Low power losses make ABB fuses suitable for MV compact switchgear and ring main units up to 33kV
  • High current limitation significantly reduce prospective value of short circuit currents and therefore extends insulation live time
  • Transformer fuses type tested according to IEC 60282-1
  • ABB Optional Accessories – Fuse clips, fuse extension adaptor, indoor & outdoor fuse base with optional fuse presence/blown indication, test fuse link for striker system adjustment and operating tong for fuse replacement
  • Also: MV HV Surge Arresters 11kV 33kV

➡ IEC 60282-1:2020 applies to all types of high-voltage current-limiting fuses designed for use outdoors or indoors on alternating current systems of 50 Hz and 60 Hz and of rated voltages exceeding 1000V.

ABB CEF Transformer Fuses – Fuse Ratings & Dimensions

Rated Voltage Un (kV)Rated Current ln (A)Fuse Length e (mm)Fuse Diameter D (mm)Maximum Tested Breaking Current l1Striker Temperature Control Unit (TCU) 80NOverload Spots
3/7.2kV6-200A192 / 292 / 367mm65 / 87mm50kAYesYes
6/12kV6-200A292 / 442 / 537mm53 / 65 / 87mm50/63kAYesYes
10/17.5kV6-125A292 / 367 / 442 / 537mm65 / 87mm20/25kAYesYes
10/24kV6-125A442 / 537mm53 / 65 / 87mm63kAYesYes
20/36kA6-40A537mm65 / 87mm20kAYesYes


ABB CEF Transformer Fuses

ABB CEF Transformer Fuses – Dimensions


ABB CEF fuses were designed to be applied inside MV gas insulated switchgears (GIS). The interaction between fuses and switch disconnectors when limited heat dissipation conditions occur is not an easy task. This knowledge has been obtained mainly from practical tests performed under different loading conditions. First the maximum allowable power losses should be defined for the fuses so as not to exceed temperature rise limits according to the referred standard. Therefore, the rated current of fuses with power losses above this limit are de-rated to a safe level that takes into consideration the fuse load factor. This procedure should be verified by temperature rise and breaking tests. ABB uses this standards approach for SF6 switchgear and CEF fuses.

MV HV Transformer Switchgear Cable Connectors & Terminations

Thorne & Derrick also distribute an extensive range of MV-HV Joints, Connectors & Terminations for installing medium/high voltage power cables onto gas insulated switchgear networks up to 33kV – this includes outer cone (Nexans Euromold) and inner cone (Pfisterer CONNEX) type cable plug and connectors. MV-HV fuses are available for transformer, switchgear, motor circuit and capacitor protection.

Cable Connectors Terminations

ABB – GIS Gas Insulated Switchgear For MV HV Medium/High Voltage Power Systems, 11kV/33kV & EHV


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