Capacitor Fuses – MV HV Fuses 5.5kV-23kV Capacitors ANSI ABB CIL

Capacitor Fuses - MV HV Fuses 5.5kV-23kV Capacitors ANSI ABB CIL

Capacitor Fuses – MV HV Fuses 5.5kV-23kV Capacitors ANSI ABB CIL


MV HV | Medium & High Voltage Electrical Circuit & Equipment Protection 

Full Range Capacitor Fuse up to 23kV

Rated Voltages | 5.5kV – 23 kV
Rated Currents |  6 A – 65 A

ABB CIL capacitor fuses are current-limiting fuses which are especially suited for individual capacitor unit fusing for metal-enclosed equipment, 5.5-23kV, 6-65A.

Medium/high voltage fuses, manufactured by ABB, suitable for 5.5kV up to 23kV capacitor applications in accordance with IEC specification.

ABB CIL current limiting fuses are back-up type medium voltage fuses which limit the value of prospective short-circuit currents during the interruption process and extended the life time of nearby installed MV-HV electrical equipment. ABB CIL fuses when used in combination with load break switches equipped with fuse tripping system ensures control over the full range of overload and short-circuit currents on MV-HV power systems.

The CIL range of fuses feature a two part design:

– High current section interrupts high 60 Hz fault currents and/or high frequency discharge current from parallel capacitors

– Low voltage sections consist of a standard NEMA type K fuse-link mounted in a fibre tube


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ABB CIL Transformer Fuses

Features & Benefits

  • Two part design MV-HV fuse for medium voltage/high voltage electrical power systems
  • Capable to control full range of overload currents
  • Reduces fuse replacement cost to the price of NEMA type K fuse link when low current interruption occurs
  • Significantly reduces maximum expected value of short circuit currents that increase isolation life time
  • Especially applicable on those capacitor banks where parallel energy is more than 20 kilo-joules or 6,000 kVAR
  • Fuse voltage ratings of 5.5 kV, 8.3 kV,15.5 kV and 23 kV – medium voltage
  • The ABB CIL fuse is full range, current limiting, indicating, and disconnecting
  • Also: MV HV Surge Arresters 11kV 33kV

MV HV Transformer Switchgear Cable Connectors & Terminations

Thorne & Derrick also distribute an extensive range of MV-HV Joints, Connectors & Terminations for installing medium/high voltage power cables onto gas insulated switchgear networks up to 33kV – this includes outer cone (Nexans Euromold) and inner cone (Pfisterer CONNEX) type cable plug and connectors. MV-HV fuses are available for transformer, switchgear, motor circuit and capacitor protection.

Cable Connectors Terminations

ABB – GIS Gas Insulated Switchgear For MV HV Medium/High Voltage Power Systems, 11kV/33kV & EHV

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