Railway Fuses – MV HV Fuses 1.9kV & 4kV DC Railways IEC ABB WBT

Railway Fuses - MV HV Fuses 9kV & 4kV DC Railways IEC ABB WBT

Railway Fuses – MV HV Fuses 1.9kV & 4kV DC Railways IEC ABB WBT


MV HV | Medium & High Voltage Electrical Circuit & Equipment Protection 

Railway DC System Protection up to 4kV

Rated Voltages | 1.9 kV – 4 kV
Rated Currents | 3 A – 80 A

ABB WBT railway fuses are current-limiting fuses which are especially suited to protect MV-HV traction substation and electric traction rolling stock equipment, 1.9kV DC and 4kV DC, 3 A – 80 A.

Fuses, manufactured by ABB, are suitable for medium/high voltage 1.9kV and 4kV DC railway applications in accordance with IEC specification.

The ABB WBT fuse has a high capability up to 50kA and temperature control units increase application safety for MV-HV gas insulated panels, switchgear and electrical equipment up to 4kV DC.

WBT current limiting fuses are back-up type medium voltage fuses which limit the value of prospective short-circuit currents during the interruption process and extended the life time of nearby installed electrical equipment. ABB WBT fuses, when used in combination with load break switches equipped with fuse tripping system, ensures control over the full range of overload and short-circuit currents.


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ABB WBT Railway Fuses

Features & Benefits

  • High efficiency in protection against short circuit current
  • Increased life time of apparatus isolation due to significant reduction of prospective short circuit currents
  • Rated voltages: 1.9 kV – 4 kV
  • Rated currents: 3 A – 80 A
  • Application: indoor
  • Proven and reliable design
  • Special connection system suitable for railway installations
  • R1, P1 fire-protection grade for the materials used
  • Also: MV HV Surge Arresters 11kV 33kV

ABB WBT Fuses – Fuse Ratings & Dimensions

Fuse Link Type Highest Operating Voltage Un (kV) DC Rated Current Switching Overvolt UTRV (kV) Rated Breaking Current l1 (kA) Weight (kg) Resistance mΩ
Acc PN-E-06172:1999-14 ln (A) DC Acc UIC-552 ln (A) DC Min Max
WBTI-3/3 3.750kV DC 3A 3.5A <12kV 31.5kA 1.5kg 516.6mΩ 631.4mΩ
WBTI-3/6 6A 7A 189mΩ 231mΩ
WBTI-3/10 10A 10A 130.5mΩ 159.5mΩ
WBTI-3/16 16A 16A 64.8mΩ 79.2mΩ
WBTI-3/20 20A 20A 41.4mΩ 50.6mΩ
WBTI-3/25 25A 25A 2.3kg 33.3mΩ 40.7mΩ
WBTI-3/32 32A 32A 28.8mΩ 35.2mΩ
WBTI-3/40 40A 36A 20.7mΩ 25.3mΩ
WBTI-3/50 50A 48A 15.8mΩ 19.25mΩ
WBTI-3/80 20A 20A 41.4mΩ 50.6mΩ
WBTGI-3/10 10A 10A 0.65kg 137.7mΩ 168.3mΩ
WBTGI-3/16 16A 16A 69.3mΩ 84.7mΩ
WBTGI-3/20 20A 20A 45.1mΩ 55.3mΩ
WBTG-3/3-I 4kV DC 3A 3A 40kA 0.13kg 569.7mΩ 696.3mΩ
WBTG-3/3 3A 3A 0.22kg 569.7mΩ 696.3mΩ
WBTG-3/4 3.5A 4A 459mΩ 561mΩ
WBTG-3/6 6A 6A 300.6mΩ 367.4mΩ
WBTS-3/0.6 0.6A 0.08kg 42mΩ 51.3mΩ
WBTS-3/1 1A 1710mΩ 2090mΩ
WBT-1.5/3 1950kV DC 3A <6kV 50kA 0.5kg 234mΩ 316mΩ
WBT-1.5/15 15A 28.2mΩ 38.2mΩ
WBT-1.5/40 40A 1.25kg 11.3mΩ 15.3mΩ


Railway Fuses - MV HV Fuses 9kV & 4kV DC Railways IEC ABB WBT - Dimensions

ABB WBT Railway Fuses – Dimensions

MV HV Transformer Switchgear Cable Connectors & Terminations

Thorne & Derrick also distribute an extensive range of MV-HV Joints, Connectors & Terminations for installing medium/high voltage power cables onto gas insulated switchgear networks up to 33kV – this includes outer cone (Nexans Euromold) and inner cone (Pfisterer CONNEX) type cable plug and connectors. MV-HV fuses are available for transformer, switchgear, motor circuit and capacitor protection.

Cable Connectors Terminations

ABB – GIS Gas Insulated Switchgear For MV HV Medium/High Voltage Power Systems, 11kV/33kV & EHV


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