25sqmm Cable Lugs – Cembre A5 Copper Crimps

25sqmm Cable Lugs - Cembre A5 Copper Crimps

25sqmm Cable Lugs

Cembre A5


Cembre A5-M copper crimp lugs are low voltage voltage cable lugs for crimping and terminating of 25sqmm copper conductors 600/1000v. Lugs available with stud hole sizes of  M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12 – designed to be crimped onto the copper conductor to provide low voltage (LV) cable termination via the crimped lug.

Recommended crimping tool Cembre HN1.

Cembre Cable Lug Order Code Conductor Size Stranded Copper Ø Stud Size Cable Lug Dimensions
Internal Diameter Øi Width Of Lug Palm B Hole Centres M Hole Centres N Cable Lug Length L Dia d
A5-M4 25sqmm 4mm 7.0mm 14.0mm 5.0mm 4.0mm 28.0mm 4.3mm
A5-M5 25sqmm 5mm 7.0mm 14.0mm 6.5mm 6.0mm 31.5mm 5.3mm
A5-M6 25sqmm 6mm 7.0mm 14.0mm 7.0mm 6.0mm 32.0mm 6.4mm
A5-M8 25sqmm 8mm 7.0mm 15.0mm 9.0mm 8.0mm 36.0mm 8.4mm
A5-M10 25sqmm 10mm 7.0mm 18.0mm 11.0mm 10.0mm 40.0mm 10.5mm
A5-M12 25sqmm 12mm 7.0mm 21.0mm 14.0mm 12.0mm 45.0mm 13.2mm
  • Suitable for 11kV dry indoor cable termination
25sqmm Cable Lugs - Cembre A5 Copper Crimps

25sqmm Cable Lugs

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