6.6kV 7.2kV Cable Termination Kits 3 Core 300-500sqmm SPS 3TIS-7.2X-D

Cable Termination Cable Joints - Heat Shrink MV HV

6.6kV cable termination kits using heat shrink technology are suitable for terminating medium/high voltage (MV-HV) 3 core polymeric cables (XLPE EPR)  – this includes cables with copper wire/tape screen and armoured (wire armoured/braided) or unarmoured cable for indoor termination of 6.6kV cables, outdoor version also available.

SPS 3TIS-7.2X-D cable termination kit suits 6.6kV 7.2kV cables with 300sqmm, 400sqmm, 500sqmm 3 core conductors – typically used for indoor cable termination of 6.6kV XLPE / EPR cables into air insulated switchgear (AIS), ring main unit (RMU) and cable end boxes.

6.6kV Cable Termination

HV High Voltage – indoor

  • Cable Termination Type – Heat Shrink
  • Operating Voltage – 6.6kV
  • Termination Location – Indoor (Cable Box, Substation, Switchgear, Transformer, Motor)
  • Number of Cores – 3 Core
  • Conductors – 300sqmm, 400sqmm, 500sqmm
  • Cable Type – XLPE EPR (Polymeric)
  • Heat Shrink Standard Tail Length – 650mm
  • Termination Kit Order Code – SPS 3TIS-7.2X-D
  • Suit MV HV Power Cables – BS6622, BS7835, BS7870, BS6883, BS7917 & IEC60502-2

3 Core Cable Terminations

Utilising heat shrink materials a complete range of 3 core cable terminations are available to connect and terminate MV HV cables into cable boxes, switchgear and transformers (Indoor) or pole-mounted overhead line equipment (Outdoor) for high voltage terminations in hazardous area locations in the presence of potentially explosive atmospheres a range of cold shrink terminations can be supplied.

Cable Terminations 3 Core

3 Core Cables MV HV | Heat Shrink Cable Terminations

Screen Treatment on MV HV Power Cables Including 6.6kV

Fig 1 – Copper Wire Screened, apply a single turn of the red mastic sealant tape at a point 30mm below the cable sheath cut. Bend back the copper wire screens and press them into the tape, the cable jointer should then apply one more turn of red mastic tape over this point. The wire screens should be twisted together and bonded to a suitable earth point in the cable box using either crimp lugs or brass mechanical cable lugs.

Fig 2 Copper Tape Screened, apply a single turn of the red mastic tape at a point 30mm below the cable sheath cut and remove the copper tape screen to a point 40mm above the cable sheath cut as shown. Position a copper earth braid onto the copper screen and secure with a constant force spring. Ensure the moisture block in the earth braid is bedded into the red mastic and apply one more turn of tape over this point. The HV jointer should then secure the end of the braid to a suitable earth point.

3 Core Cable Termination Kits 6.6kV

➡ High Voltage Cable Termination 6.6kV Kit List

6.6kV Terminations | Single Core Indoor XLPE | Single Core Outdoor XLPE | 11kV Terminations | 33kV Terminations

6.6kV 7.2kV Cable Termination Kits

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3 Core Cable Termination Kits 6.6kV

Heat Shrink Indoor

The following enables the termination kit selection for 6.6kV 3 core indoor cables:

 6.6kV/7.2kV 3 Core Cable Termination Indoor  Heat Shrink Cable Termination Kit Range 6.6kV/7.2kV 3 Core Cable Termination Outdoor 
3TIS-7.2X-A 25-50sqmm 3TES-7.2X-A
3TIS-7.2X-B 70-120sqmm 3TES-7.2X-B
3TIS-7.2X-C 150-240sqmm 3TES-7.2X-C
3TIS-7.2X-D 300-500sqmm 3TES-7.2X-D
Heat Shrink Cable Terminations 6.6kV 11kV 33kV

Cable terminations using heat shrink technology for MV-HV (6.6kV 11kV 33kV) cable connection to switchgear, transformers, overhead line and pole-mounted – see also Heat Shrink HV Cable Joints

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