HV Cable Joints – Heat Shrink Joints 11kV 33kV High Voltage Cables

HV Cable Joints - Heat Shrink Joints 6.6kV 11kV 33kV High Voltage Cables

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Thorne & Derrick distribute HV Cable Joints for 6.6kV 11kV 33kV high voltage cables – we provide competitive prices for heat shrink joints for HV cables from extensive stocks to UK and international destinations.

Heat shrink cable joints include straight, transition and branch types for XLPE, PILC and EPR single and 3 core cables – suitable for all types of polymeric and paper insulated medium/high voltage cables with/without steel wire armour or braid, copper tape/wire screens and copper or aluminium conductors up to 33kV.

  • Mechanical connectors for conductor and copper wire /screen shield are supplied
  • Short, slim profile and compact space saving design for installation

Robust Outer Cable Sealing & Protection

Modern cable laying techniques require a robust oversheath and jacket replacement capable of withstanding high mechanical stresses during conventional cable pulling and laying as well as mechanical impact occurring during the entire cable life time. The thick-wall heat-shrinkable tubing is internally coated with a hot melt adhesive to ensure an effective moisture seal and corrosion protection for the joint.

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Heat Shrink

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Technical Data

The following table provides an excerpt of data from the Type Test Reports for Heat Shrink Cable Joints for 6.6kV, 11kV and 33kV voltages.

Summary of Test Voltages
TestTest VoltageRated Voltage U01U (Um) kV
3.8/6.6 (7.2)6.35/11 (12)8.7/15 (17.5)12.7/22 (24)19/33 (36)
Humidity & Salt Fog1.25U058111624
Partial Discharge1.73U06.511152233
Heating Cycle Voltage & AC Voltage / 15 min and 500 hours2.5U09.516233247.5
AC Voltage / 1 min4U01525.5355176
AC Voltage / 5 min4.5U01728.5395785.5
DC Voltage / 15 min6U023385276114
Impulse (Peak)609595125194
Test Sequence & Requirements
TestTest Clause of EN 61442Test SequenceTest Requirements
1DC Voltage Dry5XX15 min at 6U0, no breakdown or flashover
2AC Voltage Dry4XX5 min at 4.5U0, no breakdown or flashover
3Partial Discharge At Ambient Temperature7XMax 10pC at 1.73U0
4Impulse Voltage At Elevated Temperature6X10 impulses of each polarity, no breakdown or flashover
5Heating Cycle Voltage In Air9X126 cycles at 2.5U0, no breakdown or flashover for terminations and 63 cycles in air and 63 cycles in water for cable joints
6Partial Discharge At Elevated & Ambient Temperature7XMax 10pC at 1.73U0
7Thermal Short Circuit (Screen)10X2 short circuits at 1sc no breakdown
8Thermal Short Circuit (Conductor)11X2 short circuits to raise conductor to 6sc of the cable, no breakdown
9Dynamic Short Circuit12X1 short circuit at 1d, no breakdown
10Impulse Voltage At Ambient Temperature6XX10 impulses of each polarity, no breakdown or flashover
11AC Voltage Dry4XX15 min at 2.5U0, no breakdown or flashover
12Humidity13X300 hours duration at 1.25U0
13ExaminationXXXFor information only


Shrink Polymer Systems test and qualify their products to the criteria above as outlined in Cenelec standards HD 628 S1 and 629.1 S2:2006.

This testing criteria also encompasses VDE 0278 and IEC 60502.

Cable Joints

Cable Joints For Paper Insulated Cables MV HV

Heat shrink cable joints are available for single-core and 3-core impregnated paper-insulated metal-sheathed cables that have copper or aluminium conductors and lead, lead alloy or corrugated seamless aluminium sheaths with rated voltages from 3,3/3,3kV up to 19/33kV.

  • Impregnated, single-core paper cables – 3,8/6,6kV, 6,35/11kV, 12,7/22kV and 19/33kV
  • Impregnated, single-core paper cables – 3,8/6,6kV and 6,35/11kV
  • Impregnated, 3-core belted cables – 3,8/6,6kV, 6,6/6,6kV, 6,35/11kV and 11/11kV
  • Impregnated, 3-core screened cables – 6,35/11kV, 12,7/22kV and 19/33kV
  • Impregnated or drained, 3-core belted cables – 3,3/3,3kV, 3,8/6,6kV, 6,6/6,6kV, 6,35/11kV and 11/11kV
  • Impregnated 3-core screened cables – 6,35/11kV

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Cable Joints

Heat Shrink Cable Joints For 11kV High/Medium Voltage Cables

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