3M LVBY-2/1-C

Y Branch Cable Joints

3M LVBY-2 x Scotchcast Y-Branch Cable Joint Resin Kit (40 Resin)

3M LVBY-2/1-C Scotchcast resin cable joint kits are designed to be used for multi-core armoured, polymeric, low voltage power cables up to 600V – complete range of cable joints and terminations are available in both Cold Shrink and heat shrink technology for LV (Low), MV (Medium) and HV (High) Voltage power cables.

  • Manufacturer – 3M Electrical
  • Cable Joint Type – Branch Joint
  • Technology – Scotchcast Resin
  • Stock Order Code – LVBY-2/1-C
  • Cable Type – Armoured
  • Main Cable sqmm – 1.5 – 6
  • Service Branch Cable Two, Three Core sqmm –1.5 – 6
  • Service Branch Cable Four Core sqmm – 1.5-4
  • Service Branch Cable Five Core sqmm – 1.5
  • Max Cable Ø Main mm – 23
  • Max Cable Ø Branch mm – 23
  • 3M LVBY-2/1-C utilises 3M Scotchcast 40 resin
  • Hazardous Area Cable Joints also available

3M LVBY-2/1-C Y-Branch Cable Joint Kits

40 Resin

Armoured Cables

3M Electrical Part Number Cable Joint Cross Sectional Area (sqmm) Max
OD (mm)
OD (mm)
Cable 2-4 (5) Core
Service Branch
Two Core Three
Four Core Five
LVBY-2/1-C 1.5 – 6sqmm 1.5 – 6sqmm 1.5 – 6sqmm 1.5 – 4sqmm 1.5sqmm 23 23

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Resin Cable Joints

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Cable Accessories For Low Voltage Cables & Power Systems

To support the installation of onshore and offshore LV MV HV Cables a complete range of Cable Accessories are available to joint, terminate, cleat, gland, lug, cut and crimp cables from stock up to 11kV/33kV for medium/high voltage substations and electrical equipment.

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