3M Scotch 2151 Tape – Rubber Splicing Cable Jointing Tape

3M Scotch 2151 Tape - Rubber Splicing Cable Jointing Tape

3M Scotch 2151 Tape – Rubber Splicing Cable Jointing Tape

3M Scotch 2151 Tape is a conformable, self-fusing rubber electrical insulating tape, manufactured from ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) based self amalgamating tape

Scotch 2151 Tape can be used as an insulation for low voltage applications as well as insulation for cable joints up to 69kV.

3M Scotch 2151 Tape

3M Scotch 2151 Tape

3M Scotch 2151 Tape

Rubber Splicing Cable Jointing Tape Features

  • High insulation properties
  • Excellent conformability
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Excellent and fast self-bonding without blistering
  • 3M Scotch 2151 tape has excellent tensile strength and elongation allowing easy application

3M Scotch 2151 Tape – Applications

  • Primary electrical insulation for jointing cable from 600V to 69kV on all solid dielectric cables
  • Moisture sealing electrical connections.
  • End sealing high-voltage cables
  • Electrical insulation for splices and terminations

Installation Techniques

  • Scotch 2151 Tape should be applied in successive half lapped, level-wound layers until desired build-up is reached
  • To eliminate voids in critical areas, highly elongate 2151 Tape
  • Stretch tape in these critical areas just short of its breaking point – doing so will not alter its physical or electrical properties
  • In less critical areas, less elongation may be used – normally, 3M Scotch 2151 Tape is stretched to ¾ of its original width in these less critical areas
  • Always attempt to half-lap to produce a uniform build-up
  • When using 2151 Tape for jointing cables from 35kV to 69kV, always elongate the tape throughout the entire joint

3M Scotch 2151 Tape

Linered Rubber (EPR) Self Amalgamating Tapes Technical Specification

Colour Black
Thickness 0.51m
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 1.7
Elongation (%) 700
Dielectric Breakdown (kV/mm) 28
Dissipation Factor (23°C) 0.05 max
Dielectric Constant / Permissiveness (23°C) 4.0 max
Insulation Resistance (MὨ) 1014
Continuous Operating Temperature (°C) 90
Emergency Overload Temperature (°C) 130

➡ 3M Scotch 2151 Tape meets ASTM D4388 – Standard Specification for Non-metallic Semi-Conducting and Electrically Insulating Rubber Tapes

➡ T&D stock and supply the complete range of 3M Scotch Self Amalgamating Tapes.

3M Scotch Electrical tapes are used to cable joint, splice, repair, seal and protect cables against abrasion, fire and corrosion – this includes LV-HV (11kV-33kV cables) – please contact T&D should you require assistance with selecting the correct tape.

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