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Ripley US02-7000

Ripley US02-7000

Semicon Shaver & Stripping Tools

No Grease & No Clamps | Suits 33kV Cables up to 800sqmm Conductors

Ripley US02-7000 Semicon Shaver & Stripping Tool quickly and easily removes bonded semi-con from MV & HV power cables without the requirement for lubrication.

The semicon tool has a unique blade shape which preserves the smooth surface on the XLPE insulation of medium voltage cables typically distributing electrical power at 11kV and 33kV voltages – the Ripley US02 tool eliminates the need for deburring or additional surface finishing of the cable insulation. Its optimal stability design securely supports cables with diameters from 18 mm to 60 mm throughout the shaving operation of the cable preparation process, prior to jointing or terminating medium voltage cables.

The US02 tool provides an exceptionally smooth finish and does not require lubricating grease as the integral wheels provide a sustained motion during the cable preparation process – the US02 has four settings on it that adjust the pitch as it winds down the cable and a stop that enables the jointer to provide a square cut to finish off. The settings are 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm.

Ripley US02-7000 Stripping Tool Features

  • Compact design accurately removes semi-con within 1.3″(33mm) of the jacket on mid-span & end stripping applications
  • Precision blade depth adjusts in increments of 0.004″(0.1 mm)
  • Adjusts for 0.71″to 2.36″(18 mm to 60 mm) cable diameters with semi-con thicknesses up to 0.095″(2.4 mm)
  • A revolving ergonomic handle & accessible adjustment knobs reduce effort & potential strain from repetitive shaving functions
  • Stop position squares off the edge to complete the shaving operation without the need for an additional clamp
  • Factory-set blade is easily replaced
Ripley Part Number Cable Voltage Cable Size ∅ Semi-con Thickness Chamfer Angle Replacement Blade Part Number
US02-7000 5kV to 35kV 18mm to 60mm (0.71″ to 2.36″) Up to 2.4mm (0.095″) 12º US02-7501


Ripley Cable Tools

Ripley US02 Product Demonstration by Rob Whitfield | Cable Jointer at Matrix Networks Limited

Here the cable jointer demonstrates the ease of simplicity of removing bonded semiconductor screen layer from 11kV Triplex cables with 300sqmm stranded copper conductor and XLPE insulation prior to terminating into medium voltage switchgear. The US02 is set at 1mm during this cable preparation process.

Stop | Start Feature – the unique and innovative design of the Ripley US02 tool ensures the jointer achieves accurate and controlled depth of the bonded type semiconductor screen cut prior to commencing the shaving and peeling operation down the medium voltage cable.

Compact Switchgear & Confined Spaces

Modern electrical equipment, such as Medium Voltage (MV) Switchgear, is increasingly compact in design and manufacture necessitating cable preparation tools to be usable where space is limited – here the Ripley US02 is shown close-quarter working on a 50kV substation project peeling bonded semicon layer from 630sqmm polymeric (XLPE) insulated single core cables being connected into air insulated electrical equipment using heat shrink terminations.

Credit: Sinan Macit (MV Cable Jointer)

Credit: Sinan Macit (MV Cable Jointer)

Semicon Shaver & Stripping Tools

Installation Guide

Unique blade shape leaves surface of insulation extremely smooth Extra rollers provide tool stability on a range of cable sizes Winding pin keeps semi-con strip from getting in the way Equipped with four speed positions to optimize performance
Unique blade shape leaves surface of insulation extremely smooth Extra rollers provide tool stability on a range of cable sizes Winding pin keeps semi-con strip from getting in the way Equipped with four speed positions to optimize performance


Ripley US02-7000 Operating Instructions
  1. Retract the blade to its highest position by turning the blade adjusting knob counter clockwise
  2. Open the tool and locate the cable end at the taper transition on the blade. Secure the cable in the tool (Fig. 2a, 2b)
  3. Turn the blade adjusting knob clockwise until the blade touches the semi-con screen
  4. Set the feed lever into a stripping position. #1 is a conservative feed
  5. Rotate the tool on the cable. As the tool advances on the cable, observe the semi-con chip and re-adjust the blade depth for a minimal thickness of insulation removal and an optimal shaving result
  6. The feed lever can be re-positioned diagonally toward the #2 for a more aggressive feed or fully at the #2 for the fastest feed. The feed can be backed down by moving the lever diagonally toward the Stop position
  7. Observe the shaved semi-con strip during operation. During the shaving process, do not allow the strip to get caught under the cable rollers. This will disturb the shaving result. A convenient technique is to wind the shaved semi-con strip around the tool bar handle while shaving (Fig.3)
  8. Another option is to guide the strip around the shaved insulation using the winding pin. (Fig.4)
  9. After shaving to the desired length, move the feed lever to the stop position. Make one full turn to finish the shaving. Remove the tool from the cable
Ripley US02-7000 Operating Instructions

Ripley US02-7000 Operating Instructions

Cable Jointing Tools

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